Average Reddit headline. “far right trolls” vs “left wing voices”

  1. Yet if you go on Twitter right this very second...you will see 10 million libs claiming their leaving Twitter. Another 6 million saying how much they hate Elon. Another 7 million posting headlines like this, and Another 8 million posting the same shit they were 11 months ago. The only thing that HAS changed with Twitter, is the people like us saying they disagree and pointing out how factually wrong what they just said was, aren't being banned for disagreeing. That is what they really are angry about. They have pushback now.

  2. The biggest change I’ve noticed at Twitter, since Elon Musk took over is progressives constantly tweeting about how they hate Republicans and Elon Musk.

  3. The biggest change you shouldn't notice is that Twitter, with a lot fewer employees, is finally managing to delete child porn.

  4. Liberals complaining about how toxic Elon WM is making Twitter while their the ones being toxic.

  5. Yes, it's genuinely private now -- owned by a bourgeoisie capitalist -- no longer a corporation completely controlled by the commissars.

  6. What's hilarious is not only is this not true, but it's exactly the opposite of what was actually happening before Elon Musk took over. People deemed "far too right" were silenced by extreme left developers

  7. What’s funny is I returned to Twitter and my feed is still filled with liberal BS and whining about how horrible Twitter is.

  8. This is hilarious. Twitter being purchased by Elon Musk has exposed a MASSIVE amount of hypocrisy that we all knew was there. Now it's all out in the open for ALL to see, though.

  9. Whoever is not far-left is alt-right. I am a classical liberal of the Michael Shermer variety and I'm routinely called alt-right because I attack the woke far-left.

  10. Yeah...is that really the case, or it it that the left isn't amplified and the right being muzzled anymore?

  11. Well, considering the fact that child p*rnography and calls to violence are finally being addressed, I'd say this is one instance that the silencing of left wing voices is very much a good thing. We don't need CP and violent rhetoric on that platform or any platform, for that matter.

  12. Every set amount time or so, we go from left does this to right and then right does this to left and then left does this to right…nothing matters. I don’t care. No one cared when my family tried to do the right thing and I don’t want to care anymore. Live for Christ not for man.

  13. I'm just astonished they even mentioned "Left-Wing" at all. If you read the general media, the "Far-Left/Left-Wing" doesn't even exist. Everything a hair's breadth to the right is "Far Right/Radical Right-Wing/Right-Wing Extremist" but everything else is considered normal.

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