If you speak Spanish, you're not allowed to say 'black' in your language

  1. Also, you need to change your native language to use "Latinx" instead of "Latino/Latina" because I, a native English speaker, am offended.

  2. The legacy of the Roman empire ladies in gentlemen, not architecture or aqueducts or even the republic that we still use today, no it's offending snowflakes.

  3. It’s always college age white/black liberals who have no Latino in them thinking they know what’s best by telling Spanish speakers what to say. 🙄🙄

  4. In Indonesia to this day we use the word "negro" as a term for black people of African (and black Americans/European), but it's not applicable to black Melanesian and other Asian (for them we just use the name of tribes)

  5. I had some drunk frat boy try and start shit at me because I ordered Modelo Negro too loudly I guess. It's literally the best Mexican beer BTW!

  6. In America It’s all an absurdity wrapped in victimization. The rest of the world could give 2 fu)$s Tell the 70% of slaves that went to places other than the US their ancestors could have come here and they’d be like “damn I don’t have to cross In illegally?”

  7. Dumb folks like these will go ballistic the day they learn how to say 'You' in Korean. I hope Korean folks will just tell them to fuck off when that day comes.

  8. For a while in spanish speaking countries someone would post a picture in Facebook of a black hewlet Packard laptop with the text "name the brand and color for a surprise!"

  9. I'm old. In rural Missouri in 1970 you weren't supposed to call black people, black, but negro. In this area the older blacks thought it meant "darker and more African."

  10. "In an effort to fight racism, we demand that close to 8% of the global population (doesn't seem impressive but that's a lot) alter the way they speak their language (many of those individuals being "people of color" themselves)!"

  11. Mexicans speak spanish. Mexicans are a minority (because reasons). Isn't this oppressing a minority group?

  12. In fairness the word black in English originally refer to the color as well and had no previously existing racial connotation. Even the Almighty N-word is really just adapted from the older Spanish word for black by ignorant appropriating southerners. Specifically to serve as a distinction between “black” when used in reference to the color vs “Spanish black” when referring to people of darker hue! Ask a Spanish person, their often confused by the power behind that word in America.

  13. Yes, you’re not black, don’t say the word white slave owners used to call us that means “ignorant” because we weren’t allowed to read or write, only we, black people, can call ourselves “ignorant” now. “Ignorant” is now OUR word, to call each other, as a term of endearment

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