this seems helpful but you guys will definitely find something wrong with it

  1. It's reddit. Someone will go on a tirade about how unhealthy processed foods are and how "this is why people are fat." And other anti fat rants.

  2. It's weirdly common people finding something bad about the post, whether it's with the way or just they perceive it as bad and funny enough it's always on top.

  3. I make most of my sauces from scratch but God damn I love a bright orange chemical cheese product sometimes. It's like those horrendous cheese slices for burgers, nothing is as good as those sometimes. You can escape a poor childhood sometimes but the taste buds remember.

  4. If it were cheese at all, the FDA calls it pasteurized american cheese food, because it legally can't be called cheese at all.

  5. Every now and then I crave KD, then I eat it and go "oh, right"... Then I don't crave it again for awhile before it all starts over.

  6. The cheese powder tastes better to me than the brick of plasticky "cheese" lol. Every time I get the "deluxe" Mac and cheese on a whim it is so disappointing

  7. This is why I don't do it. I can get almost the same results with my fingers and no mess. It's really not a big deal either way though, this method is pretty legit.

  8. It takes 15 seconds to wash a lid. It takes much longer to boil water without a lid. You are literally adding time to save time.

  9. I've done this for does work well..just be careful you don't pull the whole pan off and get hot boiled noodle slapped to your legs and feet....THAT was a dang

  10. You can perfectly separate the Americans and Europeans in this post based entirely on their reactions to this and no other data.

  11. redditors when the processed cheese looks like processed cheese:☠️(it clogs up the arteries and youre not allowed to enjoy food) /s obv

  12. Forget how bad the cheese is for humans, where will that empty bag end up?! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE SEA TURTLES!!!!

  13. Besides the snarky title, my only problem would be whatever the hell is coming out of that bag; personally, not a fan of powder or liquid-bagged cheese.

  14. Nah it's a common American thing and comfort food to many people, also not everyone has time to make a roux.

  15. Who uses a pot top when cooking Mac and cheese? You are making something dirty that should stay clean and unused while cooking mac and cheese. This post has always confused me on why it’s a life hack to dirty another dish you didn’t need.

  16. Well for one I'd already use the lid while boiling, I have a dishwasher so it adds maybe an extra two seconds to spray off the lid before loading up my dishwasher and hitting a button.

  17. First, nothing wrong with the “hack” other than it is completely unnecessary if you have two functioning hands. Just squeeze the bag, it’s not hard to do it cleanly and effectively.

  18. they are right WTF is that cheese. STOP a got a real sense of deja vu. I am sure I posted the same comeent 2 years ago. Bye

  19. I love the way you called out Redditors on their self important BS. Well done OP I salute you. I bet that cheese bag is filthy and gets Covid germs all up in that pasta tho wtf

  20. Fuck I so want to find something wrong with this to complain about. Give me time until then take my angry upvote

  21. The only thing I don’t think is just that it’s that velveeta cheese but naturally people jump to conclusions and talk shit on this app for no reason

  22. Add Del Taco inferno hot sauce and you're really in for a treat. Add sliced pan seared or bbq'd kielbasa and it's the 'Stoner Special',, as I like to call it. Your welcome.

  23. Well I just saw there's no heat or flame present while the cheese it's been squished out that bag. Otherwise it will melt really quick on that pot walls 🤷‍♂️

  24. The only thing that is wrong is the horrid fake cheese and carbs just waiting to give you diabetes and auto-immune disorders. :)

  25. Tell me I’m not the only one here who got spoiled by moms and grams homemade Mac and cheese so I can’t stand the taste of boxed Mac with processed cheese?

  26. Something wrong with it….You don’t have to use the lid when making this kind of Mac and Cheese. It’s just something else you have to clean afterwards.

  27. Why is it that the more comments I read about how unhealthy Velveeta Shells and Cheese is, the more I want to devour an entire pot of it, directly from said pot, while standing at the stove? To anyone who corrects my punctuation, it says more about you than me. I didn't finish school.

  28. I’m literally cooking some right now. Opened Reddit while waiting for the pasta to boil and saw this: will try it and update.

  29. Then you need to find a mildly better restaurant to work at tbh if you end up killing your customers through heart attacks suddenly you won't have any business

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