1. On the fly pants!!!! Luxstreme! Specifically the joggers in 25” length. I finally found one pair on resale and they are the absolute perfect pant for me!

  2. I wish they offered an in-between length, like race length ☹️ the OS scubas are honestly too cropped and too wide for my preference, and the OGs are too long and narrow. I’d like something a tiny bit shorter than the OG so I can size up for comfort, but at that length it just doesn’t work on my short body sadly

  3. Skinny wills omg. I bought my last pair in 2014, before I went on a loooong Lulu hiatus. I donated them probably around 2016-2017 after gaining some weight in college, but if I had any clue I would’ve ever fit into them again I never would’ve let them go

  4. Skinny wills!!! I used to figure skate and they were theeeee perfect skating pant for me. Super high rise with a drawstring for my super long torso, and a slight bit of flare and some more length to fit over my skating boot. Perfection. I hoard mine, hoping for more one day.

  5. The original Wills from 2011 (tapered at the ankle) are my all time favorite. If they come back I’m in trouble 💸

  6. They made a brief reappearance in late 2018, I got 2 pairs. But the fabric was full-on luon and they simply weren’t the same 🥺 I very much long for my cottony pillowy vintage luon skinny wills 🖤

  7. Lol I like how 90% of these comments are asking for things that have only been discontinued for a year. Somehow I doubt they’d be hyping up the throwback theme for stuff that’s barely been retired. My guess is more legacy styles that have been gone for a lot longer, like how we already have the updated Groove Pants now.

  8. I just went through a drawer I haven’t gone through in forever and I had a pair of VS PINK yoga pants with a purple fold over waist and I’m half tempted to bust them out 😂 they’ve gotta be from like 2006.

  9. I want them to make leggings with the colourful printed waistbands. I know lots of people would absolutely hate it but I think it would be so awesome lol

  10. Commission button down first edition with thicker cotton, button-down collar, and better button placement.

  11. Mid rise!!! And please bring back dance studio crops to the UK, I’m sad I never got to try them, on the fly, stroll at sundown (size 2 lol) just mid rise stuff!

  12. I have no clue what the names are… but the summer of 2015/2016 they had amazing 7/8 jogging pants that I live in and wish I bought multiples of.

  13. The women’s Surf Short from possibly 2012-2014 … I can’t remember the exact year…. They are my all time favorite swim short/paddle short. Reversible - insanely flattering - even on a less-than-great-shape middle-age figure… LOL

  14. I remember back in 2000’s when I went to Canada for my exchange student year. Every girl at school wore this lululemon black pants that had a one colored belt around the waist, they were avaliable in every belt color including all black pants and belt. I loved them so much!! If they came back I would buy purple, green, black and pink 🥳💜!!! Can’t remember the name of the item model though 🥺 Does anyone get my description or know what kind of pants I mean?

  15. I’m hoping for the OG 105f singlets, with the old material. Not that crap that made a comeback at the outlets. And patterns that weren’t digitally produced, or a plaid. PLEASE

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