Was holding out for M2 Mac Mini… glad I got an M1

  1. Same here already had a Mini M1 but wanted an extra device for in another room. Instead of buying new I was able to score an 11 month iMac 16/512 with extra usb hub and all the magic stuff like mouse, keyboard and trackpad included. This for ‘only’ 1275’ EUR.

  2. So I had been using my work Dell XPS 13 i7 laptop for my wife's design work in Adobe Illustrator. It was starting to struggle with what I was doing and I wanted to get away from using the work laptop for personal work. I was going to hold out for the M2 Air, or stretch to stretch to a MacBook Pro.

  3. Nice, I’ve been holding out as well. Only reason really is because I’d like to get one with a larger ssd than 2TB.

  4. i agree. there really isnt a performance boost from the M1 to M2. you will not notice a difference irl conditions.

  5. Which LG is that… was going to get a 27 (LG UP850) but did see some nice ultra wides but to be honest I am so confused by people saying different things about monitors

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