[UNF] Sole Performer

  1. Oh yeah, lands. That didn’t even cross my mind for some reason. Well, I guess we finally broke Gaea’s Cradle

  2. I mean, the real minimum is giving vigilance to two creatures whenever they use a tap ability. Every other play seems strictly better than that to me.

  3. I had to do a double take cause it seemed so weird seeing it lol. With some rewording I can see it working in black border. Something like “Tap: the next time you would activate an ability that taps a creature you control, do not tap it. This effect cannot be used on ~”

  4. The confusing part is that when you pay a tap cost the requirement isn't just "tap something, anything" it's "tap this specific permanent"

  5. You can template it to be black border (say: T: You get two tap counters. You may pay a tap counter rather than pay T in the cost of abilities you activate. Activate only once each turn.) but the card itself shows why you would not allow this in non-Acorn anyway, as it easy enables go-infinites (even itself!).

  6. I’m not so sure it can’t work. My intuition is that it should be possible to work with a few tweaks in the rules. What is preventing it?

  7. It could work within the rules. You could define "tap mana," with a special rule tap mana can't be used to pay mana costs, then redefine what the tap symbol means by saying it requires you to tap the permanent or spend one tap mana.

  8. Given that this seems to be formatted like a mana ability, I presume that you lose the "tap mana" as steps and phases end? I wonder if "tap mana" is officially mana, so this would be a mana ability...

  9. I think they work more like energy, and just stay until used. The "only once per turn" thing tells me it's useless to spend the taps on Sole Performer, so it can't go infinite with itself. Well, it can let you get 50% more in a 1v1 or 150% more in commander.

  10. I think you could make the rules supported if you wanted to. But it's somewhat confusing and high risk of something breaking. It's also not all that different from untapping two permanents (or one permanent twice).

  11. T: two times this turn, if you would tap a permanent to pay a cost, you may choose to not tap that permanent instead (the cost is still paid by that permanent). You can activate this ability only once each turn.

  12. It could work kinda like a reverse stun? If this creature would be tapped, instead, it becomes untapped.

  13. "During this phase, when you tap a creature as a cost to activate an ability of that creature, untap that creature. This effect triggers only twice this turn." Is about as close as I could write it in normal magic, but obviously it 1. Is no longer a mana ability and 2. The untaps use the stack and untap instead of just never tapping.

  14. Maybe you can do it by adding a clause about untapping after the tap ability has finished activating and it only doing that 2 times a turn.

  15. I think it’s perfect for casual games. It’s an interesting and fun mechanic, but almost guaranteed to break something in competitive formats.

  16. It's similar to "untap 2 permements", except that the same permement can be untapped twice with its abilities used in between.

  17. I know this isn't a necessarily consistent comparison due to rules implications but, it's dumb that WotC will move heaven and earth to make stickers and attraction decks work but not something as "easily understandable" as this card.

  18. And just like the comments there point out, all lands have a hidden {T} ability. So you can use this card's ability to add mana from any lands you control.

  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/HellsCube/comments/iojtwx/manatee/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  20. 302.6. A creature’s activated ability with the tap symbol or the untap symbol in its activation cost can’t be activated unless the creature has been under its controller’s control continuously since their most recent turn began.

  21. Am I understanding correctly that tapping this creature gives you two free “tap” abilities to spend on other tappers without tapping them?

  22. Yes, it's like if the tap symbol on other cards was a mana cost you could pay with this "tap mana". Notably this seems to only work on cards that actually use the tap symbol, so you can't pay for [[Ghirapur Aether Grid]], [[Whir of Invention]], or similar effects with this.

  23. So in theory my birds of paradise can make three mana in any combination of colors right? You use the two tap symbols from the sole performer to "tap" birds of paradise to make two mana, then tap the birds for real.

  24. Correct, though using your lands would likely be better and guarantee 3 mana while keeping a blocker up

  25. Tapping is a cost, this adds 2 taps to your pool so you can activate abilities without tapping the creature, land or artifact the ability is on.

  26. I would assume you tap this, which counts as tapping thr next two tap abilities... like instead of tapping a [llanowar elf]] for a green. Tap this guy, then you could add a green mana and leave lannowar elf untapped.

  27. So to get this straight you tap Solo Performer to get two free taps. Which you can you to use a tap ability of a creature which then doesnt tap?

  28. So it produces floating tap symbols so you can activate your activations with activation tap symbols that are floating cause of the activated tap symbol dork.

  29. Ooh, this is cute! I'm not smart enough to figure out exact scenarios this could be useful for, but I'm smart enough to know it's fun!

  30. Wait so if I have a way to constantly blink this and give it haste can I keep using its tap ability and then after looping it's tap ability a couple hundred times can I then use it to use mana abilities of creatures to produce the mana and not tap them?

  31. Yes it does. Its a "cost reducer" for tapping. So it doesn't matter if your permanent is already tapped. The cost is paid for by this card.

  32. Wow, now this is a really cool design. This feels like it could almost work in eternal formats, I wonder if it just ended up being too strong so they had to keep it acorn.

  33. So it basically says "tap this permanent. Your next 2 activations requiring any permanent to tap do not tap"

  34. Oh, it gives you tap symbols to spend. At first I thought If you tap it once, you tap it twice more. So it does a happy little spin. :)

  35. Correct me if I'm wrong (cus I'm still not really sure what the hell this means) but the tap symbol (in this situation) is something like a resource which allows you to pretend like you tapped another permanent with a tap ability which would then allow you to use that permanents tap ability multiple times in the turn?

  36. Goes infinite with [[Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker]] or basically anything else that allows you to tap anything to create a hasty copy of this.

  37. I LITERALLY designed this card 5 years ago and EVERYONEEEEEEE said it was stupid and asked a bunch of questions about how it worked whens it’s SOOOOOOOO obvious, and all I want to say is HAH. I KNEW IT.

  38. That looks somewhat playable if it's allowed in your group. Not sure how easily it goes infinite cause they had to add a once-per-turn clause...

  39. Fabled Mirror Breaker would make this infinite each time you activate this you get potential 1 mana + fabled. I don’t know what you’d do with all of them, maybe a Meathook type effect where you kill them all and deal 1 to opponent.

  40. So if I get this to untap after using this ability, would I get infinite "tap mana" by just using the first instance on itself thereby give me a net gain of 1 "tap mana" per usage?

  41. Wait, wait. Can you activate habilites of creatures under summon sickness? And can you activate tap habilites from tapped permanents?

  42. Pretty much, two other permanents with active abilities where you pay with a tap (and maybe mana too) will have their tap covered but any other costs you still have to pay (like mana).

  43. Some of the cards this set have been kind of confusing to me (at least at first glance), but this one seems pretty straightforward and intuitive so I'm surprised to see some people not understanding this one

  44. I don't know why my mind goes straight to the Raven "tapping at my chamber door" line, when reading "tap to tap tap". But i do wish they had made it a raven tap dancer instead of an elf. With the added bonus of "bird [occupation]" is the best creature type in magic, and way sillier than elfs.

  45. I feel like the yellow in the art has been worked in so that it vaguely resembles the tap symbol. And for that reason alone, I love it 👌

  46. An ability that requires you to tap for activation can now stay untapped. Which means, an ability can be activated up to 3x in a row in the same turn before you need to tap the creature for it.

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