Is there any way to sell a luxury property in Malta avoiding real estate agencies?

  1. Facebook groups are great for this. Real estate agents are getting less important thanks to social media.

  2. In Malta sure. In Sweden, the real estate agent carries a big responsibility - and it requires a specific Uni degree.

  3. Don’t go to Remax or Frank Salt, use smaller but still well known brands like Sotheby’s or Engel and Wolkers

  4. I signed a contract with Remax and a couple of weeks later the real estate agent said that contract needed “some modifications” and changed the contract duration from 6 months to 3 years. They also asked for one month rent before signing it. I’ll never use them again

  5. Put your listing on marketplace, maltapark they are the biggest. You can also post it in groups. Just search property groups. U can boost your ads etc on both. Write direct from owner and write no agents please so they don't spam u and if they do u have the right to tell them off. Put a for sale sign. I would personally put the agency commission in my pocket but it's up to you on how much to go down.

  6. You can list with a Sensara they are similar to agents whereby they have a client list but only take 1% commission. I regret not selling or buying though them. When i tried to sell my property on my own i went the facebook ad route but honestly people don't seem to take note at all.

  7. You really need to be as active as an agent on facebook still to get it done, posting several times in groups at different times, remembering to renew listing, using different pics etc. And true, some just walk ppl through in complete silence lol. Or list the details completely wrong so they bring wrong type of clients around..

  8. Contact Sotheby's who specifically sell high end property and they are English so know that a property needs staging to be sold unlike local agents who have no idea about how a property should be presented.

  9. Firstly real estate agents don't work for you they work WITH you. It's a common misconception but they are not your employees, they work for themselves and it's in their best interest to provide good service to you so they earn their commission and positive reputation. You probably haven't spoken to the correct agents on the island which is understandable as they are too many. With that said of course you can sell directly as an owner but if you're not in this business you run the risk of getting screwed by anyone who is going to get involved (ie buyer, notary, architect etc). That's just one of the the agent's responsibilities, to safeguard your side and make sure things move smoothly for you. Also, you don't need to work with all the agencies on the island, you can find someone you trust and work only with them, you will sell a lot faster than you expect.

  10. I had a nightmare process with Frank Salt when they sold my house, more to do with the agent (than the agency). She was promising both parties incompatible deliverables until the convenju was signed - and then dealing with the shit after. She'd been fired from another agency for similar apparently.

  11. Fb marketplace yourself and sponsor ad. Also go on noagentfees. Lastly there's agencies which take lesser fees like sensara Malta, Yasmina is an aġent with them and she's helped sell and buy so many properties of my own and of friends that i can't not recommend her too.

  12. Put your add in Facebook groups. Only problem is some time wasters may contact you and steal your time. Same goes with sales agents in Malta. TBH most sales agents in Mlata are the same irrespective or industry, they do not maintain any professionalism. They do not respond or call back on the agreed time ( from my personal experience, sold one car and apartment here)

  13. social media is great for a certain property, but if you have a high end property , you don't want every Tom Dick and Harry wanted to traipse around your property with no intention of buying.

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