Does the public reaction to GoTo's departure from Malta highlight the Maltese car dependency?

  1. On average, dozens of cars are added to the roads every single day in Malta, and people are cheering cause there will be 450 extra parking spaces? The carbrain logic is laughable.

  2. I'm hoping they turn their car spaces into electric charging stations that can be used by all electric vehicles if they really are leaving. Since they are already installed it shouldn't take much too make them work for all electric cars.

  3. We have the highest car dependency in Europe and the most short sighted people in the how can a country pull itself out of a rut like this one?!

  4. Love Malta. The traffic definitely ruins it. I never understood why an island so smart is so reliant on cars. Cycling is practically unheard of. Wild to me.

  5. It's bonkers. I had to get a car to travel to and from work because there was no other alternative. Too dangerous to cycle, too expensive to get a taxi, too arduous/crowded to get the bus (which will only increase with it becoming free - a great initiative but with the lack of routes it will be so crowded and insufferable in Summer months).

  6. I think you are right. It's expensive to use when the taxi options are such good value. Pity the same can't be said about buses and tal-linja just reduced the area covered by the little bus you can book, which is silly because it's even cheaper than the taxi. Few people are aware of it though or that it's quite a good alternative

  7. It was good idea but fairly unappealing implementation. For ultra short trips it would make sense… except for parking related issues… but as soon as you need to drive little bit further (by Maltese standards) it quickly become way more expensive than just normal rental car.

  8. As a tourist here on my last day, I’m surprised by the lack of bicycle lanes or even bicycle friendly roads, and not necessarily how badly connected places are via public transport but by how slow/long it is compared to going by car. Navigating such a small island could be a cakewalk with a few trains or trams, such a shame!

  9. This is sadly the predicament. Malta could excel with a little infrastructure investment and turn the tide of pollution. But really what they want is more parking spaces for their cars to sit in most of the time while they depreciate in value.

  10. Basically they gave cars to people who would otherwise use the bus, walk or take a taxi. So now we have the same amount of buses, the same amount of taxis, the same amount of cars ... but extra GOTO cars... and less parking for Maltese people.

  11. In my case, GOTO allowed me the possibility of not owning a car (my wife owns one which we share). Now that GOTO is stopping its services, I'm planning to buy a car. So it does help in some ways, it just isn't for every use case.

  12. From someone who just got down to say something like that without reasoning, you aren’t much different.

  13. The whole GOTo was government getting involved where it should not be .. private business. How much did this affair cost the tax payer and who in government benefited.

  14. Personally I'm glad theyre off the road cos of the danger they pose. In theory it is a great iniative but the things that make electric cars great are also some of the biggest problems with the service. The cars accelerate fast and are mostly silent, so letting people rent them with minimal checks is asking for trouble. The latest incident is a prime example, if this concept is reintroduced in the future safety and oversight need to be a much bigger priority, but the added cost of this might render the whole thing a non starter.

  15. As if only people driving GoTo are dangerous in Malta. Just open any news website and you can see a serious accident basically everyday. Several people in Malta, GoTo drivers or not, just do not have any idea of safety and speed limits when driving.

  16. Looking at the stretch of road involved, that crash had nothing to do with the car being electric. It was all caused by an inexperienced driver and a lack of knowledge of that road.

  17. Scooters have to go. Unfortunately our roads are very small. Today I had to overtake 2 scooters at bkara bypass. An accident could have easilly happened if I wasn't extra careful. Unfortunately same thing for bicycles. They should have a dedicated lane but in our country its not possible.

  18. I think it's the cars that need to be reduced so that traffic is manageable. And people need to be educated to share the road. Cars aren't necessarily top priority and one should plan a journey in advance to make time for commuting as in civilised countries.

  19. I think that this is an example of why the marketplace cannot dictate the market forces, in other words, why policy or businesses can't force something on the people that they don't want.

  20. GoTo departure might also be rooted by the accident that happend last week. Were an underage girl was able to drive a car in public. Crash into a wall severely injury passengers. One sad to say has passed away .Just 20 years old.

  21. It's not the mode of transportation but the lack of consideration when abandoned vehicles are left for days when parking is in such short supply. Good riddance to both of them.

  22. Malta needs to get Elon Musk boring company to create underground highways and ban personal vehicles from the top side. Bolt and Uber and buses only top side.

  23. lol wth. Thats such a stupid idea it’s ridiculous. Where would all these underground cars park? in huge underground parking plots?

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