My ranking for phase 4 so far >~<

  1. First off, I’m a rightist, so don’t make this political. Secondly, Eternals was interesting and had some good characters. Shang Chi made me fall asleep. Holy fuck the final battle was dull. I’m not exaggerating when I say I struggled to watch it all.

  2. Hmm, well first thing that stands out is Ms.Marvel being low, makes me wonder if you actually saw it, and Eternals being so high which I personally liked it too but that is still surprising to see. NWH being low is pretty odd, and WHAT IF I truly struggle to see (so high) that hamfisted Vision/Ultron plot.

  3. Ms Marvel I will admit is the one I’ve paid the least attention to. I basically skimmed through the episodes because I’m just so done with the MCU. If you want to that that I’m being unfair to this show, that’s fine but I don’t really care.

  4. Specially that whole zombie episode . Like please someone explain me how the hell did Iron man and black panther became zombies

  5. I loathe NWH for being a hollow, soulless nostalgia cashgrab and Moonknight was good until the awful finale that felt like it was written by a committee of robots. What If wasn’t good overall but most of the episodes are watchable and the Doctor Strange one might be better than any of the movies, it’s so good.

  6. Nostalgia Way Home is the worst movie I’ve seen this year. It offers nothing but references to better movies and it pains me that it made money. This movie killed my personal investment in the MCU.

  7. I’m not saying What If is good, but it’s better than everything else. Plus the episode about Doctor Strange might be better than any of the movies.

  8. Hawkeye was just kinda whatever. I never felt upset, angry or disappointed and I never felt excited or interested. It was just watchable and inoffensive, which is more I can say for the rest of the live action Marvel Disney+ shows.

  9. What if? Is low key the most rewatchable. Eternals will be appreciated in the years to come. I don’t get the shade against NWH other than fans with different expectations which is understandable. I wanted a better visual movie from MoM but it’s still entertaining.

  10. My hatred for NWH is that it’s a soulless series of corporate cameos created purely to bank off of nostalgia and has no storytelling to offer.

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