1. Someone please correct this if this is wrong. I watched a Mr. Sunday Movies video recently and they said that the cast of Fox’s X-Men have contracts that don’t expire until 2024. Which is why we’re not seeing ANY new X-Men related movies until then.

  2. On that note, does anyone know what date system they're using? Like is it gonna release on 6 September or on 9 June? I assume the first one, but I'm not 100% sure

  3. Why can’t they just be normal like the rest of the world? You know.. day/month/year - which is perfectly in order and reasonable. And also, don’t let me start lecturing about football/soccer or Fahrenheit/Celsius debate

  4. Apart of me is extremely worried it’s gonna be such a troll move of like one scene, but I REALLY hope I’m wrong

  5. There will be no plot, just them running and exchange banter for 3 hours. Will still be the best movie of all time

  6. please please please tell me we’re gonna get some Old Man Logan time travel shenanigans. that would honestly be a dream come true.

  7. Theres gonna be a deadpool 3!? Well, this is it. This is the movie that gets me back into a theater since even before the pandemic.

  8. Omg, omg it’s happening. Everyone calm the **** down it’s happening. Please don’t screw with us and re release the wolverine origins movie

  9. This will be seriously so funny considering there's such a love between them and deadpool is the Merc with the mouth and Wolverine being a badass

  10. Just saw it on my YT homepage. God I wanna kiss Ryan. But was insane how the announcement for a project this huge was done on his personal channel ☠️

  11. OMG the LEGEND IS BACK!!!! Last time I felt this happy for someone to come back as a character, was James Earl Jones Darth Vader in rouge one.

  12. I watched it last night, 1 hour after they uploaded it on YouTube, and I’m still not over the “coming hughn”😭 it’s fucking hilarious

  13. All I ask is the teaser for Dp3 is Jackman in the yellow suit lay on the bed looking at Famke Janssen’s Jean. Deadpool comments “He’ll be ready by 2024”

  14. I wish Deadpool movies were 1/4th as clever and funny as they pretend to be. They’re like half a notch above the Epic Movie franchises of the early to mid 2000s. 13 year olds need movies too, I guess.

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