They spelled Alan Silvestri’s name wrong in the credits of MoM

  1. When I worked at a game development studio, each department had to compile their credits and it went up layers and layers of rechecking. Every time, some poor bastard would still get their name misspelled. It didn't help to run it against payroll data or anything, since tons of people use different first names or nicknames. The tough ones were people in transition, because the credits might be compiled many months before a release and then if that release is delayed, they'd have moved on to their new name and it was too late. It was a bitch to stay on top of last name changes too from marriages and divorces. And then there are the ones who legally change their name but want to keep the credits in their maiden name for career continuity.

  2. God damn, marvel can't get away with anything lol, with every frame being scrutnized this much i'm surprised they haven't had a major fuck up lol

  3. It's just like when something changes on a Disney+ episode and people seem to notice instantly somehow.

  4. Fairly certin the OP is Alan Silvestri because… 1- who notices this? 2-who’s filming the credits? 3-who’s reading the credits? 4-who else would care?

  5. sorry just a big fan of music lol i noticed it out of the corner of my eye the first time i watched it and took a picture when i watched it again

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