Obviously no one can replace the great Hugh Jackman. But if they were to redo Wolverine, how would you feel about Henry Cavil in the role?

  1. I want a proper short king for Logan. I'm sure there are plenty of 5'3" - 5'6" actors out there who are talented but often overlooked because they're not what Hollywood typically looks for in male action leads.

  2. Daniel Radcliffe maybe but as for Henry cavil probably can't because of his role as superman I'd think Tom cruise maybe or jhonny Depp

  3. I’m almost certain Henry Cavill will end up in the MCU eventually. However it will end up being a C list character or a one off cameo. As for the next wolverine. I hope they go with a no-name younger actor that can age into the role. He should be short, more bulk than chiseled and ideally not look like a leading man.

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