What’s the hardest scene to sit through (good or bad) for you in the MCU?

  1. Something about Scott’s return in Endgame hits me hard. His panicked search at the monument, the growing fear as he passes through what is left of his neighborhood, and the joy and surprise when he finally encounters a teenage Cassie… And then, when he shows up at the Avengers compound and Steve and Widow realize he’s real—that completely unexpected spark of hope they feel.. wow.

  2. Clint's cold open in Endgame HURTS. He's living his best life, happy with his family. Then they're just gone and he doesn't even see them go. The feelings that must have built up, the panic. I can't imagine how traumatic it would be to suddenly lose the people closest to you with no explanation or warning.

  3. When Strange gets into his accident. He really sold the damaged nerve tissues and shaking hands for me, it was unsettling to think about.

  4. Damn i remember when christine said. "Theres many things to live for in life" to Strange and he said. "Like what? You!?"

  5. I think the post credit scene where Mordo steals the magic from the guy and leaves him disabled again is so fucked.

  6. In Ragnarok when Odin is about to die and he’s talking to Thor and Loki and he says “I love you my sons” and the look that Loki gives him chokes me up every time.

  7. Man, that coming immediately after he laughed about Loki casting a spell on him to hide him against his will, and saying that Frigg would be proud. Odin can't even be mad at Loki after everything. He just loves him too much.

  8. I really hope they find a way to bring Anthony Hopkins back into the MCU because he's such a good actor. Especially when you compare this to Loki!Odin seeing Thor at the play. That little "oh shit" never fails to get the biggest laugh

  9. The way it’s written, he didn’t even get fired for being an ex-con, but just for not telling them; a lot of companies, Baskin Robbins included, even have programs or policies in place to help such people reintegrate into society, as long as they’re up front about it!

  10. A lot of people treated Thor like a joke in Endgame, but underneath all of that humor was a tragic story of guilt and depression. Many of Thor’s scenes in Endgame really resonated with me, and that scene between him and his mother was such a bittersweet moment.

  11. My mom was very sick when that movie came out. Like “we need to start preparing for the worst” kind of sick. And I cried so hard during that scene that I missed a lot of the dialogue in the scene after it.

  12. Just that moment when he called mjolnir and realized that despite all of it, every way he'd failed, that he was still worthy, fuck I'm crying actual tears now thinking about it. It hits me so hard because deep down I wish someone would tell me I'm good enough, that I'm worthy. Like fuck I'm trying so goddamn hard some days, ya know?

  13. For me it's actually Odin at her funeral. When he taps Gungir(his spear) on the ground to keep her boat aloft just a little longer just hits me.

  14. Literally made me let out a gasping sob. Nothing else in Marvel has done that to me, tho I was only six months removed from watching my partner’s father die of cancer and I think that was still heavy on me when I first saw this scene.

  15. The very opening scene of Endgame, when Hawkeye turns around and his whole family gets dusted. The pain and shock and sheer hysterical panic that Renner puts into those few seconds on screen hit me like a gut punch.

  16. For me it was how he immediately transitions into spy mode. It takes him hardly any time at all to realize some shit just happened, and he doesn’t break down or start screaming - he looks around to find who just grabbed his wife and kids before he rips them to pieces.

  17. I remember being in theatres and openly sobbing in the first minute of the movie and thinking "well this will be fun". So we'll acted and the panic in his voice when he realised his family was gone was so believable. It hurt.

  18. Gosh, on rewatch the “you can rest now” kills me every time.. especially after seeing Tony go through his whole journey through anxiety, PTSD, and guilt, it felt like such a personal line that rang so true..

  19. Yup. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch that episode ever again, though I loved the show and Oscar Isaac in particular.

  20. Which my theory is also Jake's birth. Steven was marc's escape and someone to only remember the good things... but he got violently beat and doesn't remember it? My $ says Steven invented Jake in those moments and Jake took the beatings which is why he's the most violent of them.

  21. I had/have issues with my mother that unfortunately never had a chance to be resolved mirroring this whole setup. So it really hit me pretty hard.

  22. For me it was when he missed his date and ordered a steak. Just the loneliness setting in. I know that feeling where you just punish yourself. Not because it happened but because you feel so stupid for letting yourself think otherwise.

  23. That whole episode was hard to watch. But in a good way. God I felt so bad for everyone, the mom dad and Marc. Everyone suffered and nobody got better.

  24. Wanda watching Vision dies a second time after having to kill him herself. Vision's face when he sees Thanos...pure terror.

  25. The end of Endgame, when Black Panther and his crew are among the first through the portals. He and Cap acknowledge each other, then they charge. I tear up every time almost, thinking about how we lost Chadwick Bozeman, and this was his last great "Hoorah."

  26. That line honestly hit me harder on rewatch.. Vision and Wanda just have one of the best romances in the MCU and I just don’t blame Wanda for breaking after his death..

  27. That scene from the beginning of the guardians of the galaxy movie. When peters mom dies in the hospital. That’s hard to sit thru

  28. The Christmas after my mom died from cancer was when that movie was available for purchase, and my dad and sister wanted to watch a movie, so I suggested it. My sister nearly slugged me. (We were in our 30s)

  29. Moon Knight. Where the little brother was asking for help and the abuse scene from his mother. It’s really well acted but it made me uncomfortable

  30. A thing I don't like to think about: Marc was trapped in the cave along with his brother, and had to listen to him drown while being unable to help or escape. He probably thought he was going to die as well, and he would've been stuck in there for hours with his brother's body until the water receded.

  31. Tony Stark's final message at the the funeral when he directly addresses Morgan, accompanied by the following discussion with Happy about cheeseburgers. Hits me in the feels every time and makes me think about how much I love my daughter.

  32. Ugh the way he looks at Thor when he calls himself Odinson, and Thor knows Loki is gonna do something stupid but is powerless to stop him. Right in the feels.

  33. Steve's unrelenting heroism is never more clear. It doesn't matter he has no chance. He has the one thing missing in so many super hero movies. " the heart of the hero. "

  34. Both times, too. In Infinity War he tried to hold Thanos off on his own as well. Tried to hold back the gauntlet with his bare hands

  35. They somehow recreated the panel and line of Steve's from the comics without him needing to say a fuckin word. I don't know if I'll ever stop getting chills watching it. Hell I just got chills thinking about it.

  36. Fr, I think the fact that she held on for so long and even stood up to encourage and make sure Peter was ok was what really hit me in the feels.. and Peter’s reaction was incredible (major props to Tom Holland for killing that scene)

  37. Tony's panic attack in Iron Man 3. It was so realistic that I started getting stressed in the movie theatre. I don't ever want to watch that scene again; overall I like the movie but that scene was triggering as hell.

  38. Iron Man 3 is my favorite Iron Man movie because of Tony's struggles and seeing him succeed without the suits so much.

  39. Coulson dying (all times, but especially The Avengers, and AoS S5E22) and also being tortured into realizing that he had died.

  40. Another scene in Hawkeye was where he went to the memorial and was talking to Nat. Marvel is making me cry way too damn much lol.

  41. yes.... that Hawkeye not being able to hear his son and the sidekick-friend-he-doesn't-want totally lovingly helping him out.

  42. That scene where Steve falls into the water after muttering, “Then finish it, because I’m with you till the end of the line.”

  43. I cry at the scene no matter what. doesn't matter if I just tuned in to it on tv, I'm crying when they start blasting the colors

  44. "He didn't chase them away" from GotG2. I saw this during a time when I was feeling especially unlovable and having a lot of trouble with my interpersonal relationships. Rocket and Yondu's arcs both hit me where I live and still make me tear up to this day.

  45. This… Can’t believe I had to scroll this far. I was a grown man tearing up in the theatre. Dude came back five years later and I am still haunted.

  46. I know it became a sort of meme later on but every time I watch the scene I cry. He was just a kid completely terrified and didn’t want to die. Waiting for endgame/Peter to return was an agonizing period of time

  47. That one got me bad because I wasn't really ready for it. I knew that there was obviously bad stuff between them but I didn't think it would go that direction. I've never read the comic. They handled it well but it broke my heart.

  48. The scene in Falcon and The Winter soldier where Bucky says " If he was wrong about you then he was wrong about me". If you've ever had that kind of self doubt, then this scene kills. The delivery from Sebastian Stan was so fucking perfect, I don't know how not to break at that scene.

  49. definitely one of the best moments in cinema history. When Steve is standing there alone and that voice comes through, I just want to jump out of my seat like "hell yeah"!!

  50. Reminds me of the final section of Vincent and the Doctor. That's the most I've ever cried in a TV series.

  51. In Endgame when Peter is crying and tells Tony that they won then followed by Pepper telling him that they will be ok and he can rest. Hits me like a truck every time.

  52. It's not even a scene. I'm not watching past "I am Iron Man." In Endgame ever again. Way too much emotion, and none if it am I trying to handle right now.

  53. Its tough, but Cap, Peggy and that 1940s song to close out the Infinity Saga is a vibe. Satisfying closure is tough to come by in media and that does it for me. The Infinity Saga is itself a self contained MCU and it’s a great way to end it.

  54. The hardest scene was the first one in endgame. Knowing that Clint's family were about to be dusted.

  55. I’m an ardent defender of Marvel humor because I’m totally a person who cracks jokes even in serious and stressful situations so I don’t find it undermining in the way some people do.

  56. GotG 2 was both very high and very low in emotional intelligence. Everyone got dumber, especially Drax. But the emotional highs like Nebula screaming at Gamora and Yondu's funeral were emotionally deep cuts.

  57. Guardians 2 is really weird, because it has both some of the most beautifully well done scenes in all of the MCU, as well as the most cringy scenes.

  58. There are a few scenes in guardians 2 that are like that for me despite it being one of my favorite marvel movies, I especially didn’t like the exchange between Rocket and Taserface

  59. As well as every time Steve is chatting with deathbed Peggy in Winter Soldier and she resets due to dementia. “Steve?” 😭

  60. “I put a gun to my mouth and the other guy spit out the bullet.” Bruce had such a tragic life always worrying about hurting the people he cared about. That was the moment I knew the MCU was willing to get dark. I’m glad it looks like he’s gonna have a happy story arc in She-Hulk

  61. It’s this one for me because this was one of Tony’s greatest fears and he gets to experience it in slow motion. Peter’s so afraid. I know a lot of people didn’t expect the snaps to stick, but if you’re able to put yourself in the scene, it would be horrifying.

  62. Steve and Sharon’s kiss. It’s just such a misfire of an idea that is awkward to watch, and ultimately goes absolutely nowhere.

  63. That's why I kind of love it. I was always curious, he'd been trying to move on fron Peggy, but is he a virgin?

  64. Shuri saying "What are those" in Black Panther. The meme was already outdated by years when the movie came out, and it was never funny to begin with. Now it's just painful to re-watch.

  65. I totally did not understand what that was about lol. I thought she said it because he was wearing open toed shoes in a lab, which I thought was a hilarious response having spent some time in labs. I had no idea it was a meme.

  66. Luckily I didn't know that was a meme, so it didn't affect me in that way. I just thought it was establishing her character had a silly side.

  67. I love Roadie but every scene where he makes fun of Thor in Endgame is just tonally off and makes me cringe.

  68. Idk, man. I was in a miserable place when that movie came out and really sympathized with Thor, and laughed my ass off when Rhodey ripped him. Fucking wake up call. I wish I had people that would have called me on my shit like that back then.

  69. The episode where we got Ward's backstory with his brother hit me like a truck. I was tormented by an older brother and have lifelong PTSD as a result, and before I saw the episode a (former) friend told me "Oh, you'll really relate to this week's episode!"

  70. I agree with you. The women fight in Wakanda (Infinity War) was executed well. The women fight in MoM was great, too. That Endgame scene was just too forced and annoying.

  71. Not to mention... They were going to support Carol? The woman who just punched out a spaceship needs help from, say, Mantis?

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