What’s your MCU hot take?

  1. This is kind of true. In fact, everything that happened in NWH would not have happened had Peter just been quiet and let Strange do his spell.

  2. Don't know how hot of a take this is, but I enjoyed the Kingpin vs Kate Bishop fight. It showed the resilience of Kate but also showed she was no match for Fisk as he shrugged off nearly everything she did. She didn't really win, she just didn't get killed.

  3. Definitely agree. These movies are here so we can have a good time and enjoy the interconnection of it all.. and it shouldn’t be anymore than that

  4. I honestly don’t even really like this movie. The projection bots don’t even make much sense to me. Imo should have been nano bots that he stole from Tony.

  5. Honestly, I don’t think anything can really top Infinity War and Endgame.. the hype was unreal and an accumulation of 10 years of movies is something really hard to replicate

  6. I was very disappointed with Moon Knight on how they made his origin not tied to Judaism at all. Like, you could take out the fact that he’s Jewish, and it wouldn’t change the story at all!

  7. I felt like Marc’s Judaism presented itself a few times, but like check marks instead of something integrated into his motivations and inner struggle. Even if he wasn’t really practicing anymore… he was a Jew enslaved by an Egyptian God, which is a pretty significant conflict of interests. And the show sure did make a big deal out of Egyptian lore and Layla’s heritage, so why they couldn’t give the *main character that same level of care is beyond me.

  8. I adore Foggy and Marcy! Healthiest relationship in the MCU (in fact I would say that Foggy has the healthiest interpersonal relationships with everybody and I don’t like when people poop in his pudding).

  9. Oddly enough, I think the fan-castings for A-list actors are actually the better ones, because you generally have an idea as to what ‘prestige’ roles look like.

  10. I'm probably one of the 5 people on the planet that really does not like Ragnarok at all, and I apologize if this goes on too long but I just get kinda annoyed thinking about the movie. I have liked other films from Taika, but Ragnarok was not at all his Best film imo and I hate it as an adaptation of Ragnarok. Ragnarok should have been this dark, epic, fantasy film but what we got was basically an SNL skit with a big budget. Also felt like taika didn't care too much about Thor's whole side of the universe or about Ragnarok. A good chunk of the film was on Sakaar with planet hulk shoved in there (another story that could have been a great film) didn't even seem like the characters cared much either about Ragnarok, like yeah Thor wants to get back there but I just didn't feel much ergency. Hell I kinda forgot that Ragnarok was even a thing that they were trying to prevent after a while on Sakaar. The comedy also just didn't work for me, I like comedy, I like to laugh, but it was just way too much and this was not at all the right story to make a comedy with. The amount of jokes and humor combined with the pace that won't let you breath for even a second made it to where any moment that should be emotional just didn't work, either the moment would be ruined by a joke or the film just moved on too fast for me to really take in what happened and actually care. I'm not even excited for Love and Thunder because it just looks like it'll have the same humor and tone as Ragnarok. Which to me is a shame because I just have a feeling the Gorr storyline will be wasted when that, just like Ragnarok, could have been an amazing, epic film if done right. I get the past 2 Thor movies were not people's favorite but they didn't at all need to go the comedy route. The tone of those films were fine, they just needed better writing and directing. Now people think the funny thor is the only way it should be done now and if they go serious again they will think we are getting another Dark Work.

  11. Probably not that hot of a take, but, Arthur Harrow is one of the best Marvel villains. I loved how the audience could agree with him, despite him going too far, and I liked how he genuinely believed in Ammit.

  12. The "Snap" was supposed to be a power move, not a literal input command. Thanos could wipe half the universe "just like that" [snap], it's supposed to signify that something so quick and easy to do can make such a huge impact. But in the MCU you *have* to do the snapping motion to activate the stones, it *has* to be a snap, which makes it seem like the gauntlet(s) or the stone(s) have this weird input command about snapping being a thing, and you can make it so the user does not use the stones if you block or hold his hand open, which is idiotic IMO.

  13. I thought Black Widow was really good. I think mostly because I didn’t care about Taskmaster. Also not really a hot take.

  14. Agreed! I did think Taskmaster was a wasted opportunity, but there are things I don't love in most movies. Overall I truly enjoyed it, especially Yelena, that amazing little spitfire.

  15. Ned and MJ have zero character development across three movies (MJ even less so). They’re entirely in service to Peter and we know basically nothing about them outside their relationships with him.

  16. Yeah the side characters were really not handled well in the MCU Spidey films. Say what you want about the Tasm films but I thought the supporting characters like Gwen were handled well. It's been a long time since I watched the films but Im pretty sure even Flash had a little bit of development and changed even though he had so little screen time. Like he started off as a bully, tried to be Nice to Peter after Ben died, and then in Tasm 2 he seemed friendly with Peter at the graduation.

  17. I get where you’re coming from, but MJ definitely opens up as the movies go along. It’s subtle, but it’s there. And I enjoyed the slow burn of it. But you’re right, we don’t know much about her life. As for Ned, he’s perfect. I didn’t need character development from him. I’m okay with some character just being themselves. They had 3 movies and 6.5hrs and they choose to use that short time to focus on other things like Tony and Peter, Aunt May and Peter, and then of course Peter, Peter and Peter.

  18. While I do agree.. I still really love them as Peter’s friends and enjoy MJ and Peter’s relationship.. the chemistry between all three of them seems natural!

  19. The desaturated tone of most of the pre phase 4 films makes sense for the realism, but isn't something I liked, and I'm enjoying that they are becoming more colourful.

  20. the majority of MCU products are only worth watching 1 time, they’re pretty mediocre and useless, besides 1 or 2 plot elements

  21. Captain America Civil War is overrated. It wasn’t really a CA movie but an Avengers 2.5 movie. Captain America: Secret Avengers should have taken place after This movie. Sharon was completely pushed out. I wanted more Sam and Bucky and less Wanda, T’Challa, and Peter.

  22. Yea the airport fight in Civil War hasn’t aged so well. It has what’s regarded as one of the worst cgi moments in the MCU, the color grading is notably bland, and there are too many quips. Just because they were pulling punches doesn’t mean they needed to quip

  23. “Kraven as the main villain of MCUSM3” would have been a MUCH better option for the 3rd MCU Spider-Man movie because:

  24. Hawkeye is the best Disney plus show. If it counts as MCU into the spider verse is the worst film in the MCU, if not just the worst Spider-Man film

  25. Captain Marvel is actually a really good movie and most of the negative reception surrounding it largely had to do with its advertising and time of release. Watch it again today and you will forget about the majority of problems you thought you had with it.

  26. Gotta Disagree mate. I did a rewatch about a month ago. Still boring, and I still don’t like her character in that movie.

  27. Not the hottest one but, Thanos with no infinity stones can EASILY be beaten by someone at least "not brute force only".

  28. The fact that Steve never moved on from a woman he kissed one time after spending 11 years in the modern world is troubling to me.

  29. I mean, there are some people in your life that stays in your heart permanently. I still think of a girl in my class from 10 years ago to this day from time to time.

  30. The MCU can’t do relationships well, I know they’re not the main focus but some there’s just absolutely zero charm or chemistry.

  31. I don't really like Holland's Spider-man's jittery overly infantile persona. He acts like a goofy apologetic overly polite kid, and that works for teen Peter Parker, but I like when Peter transforms as a person when he puts on a mask, becoming snarky and teasing. I haven't seen it in the MCU.

  32. Most of the movies are not rewatchable IMO. Probably because the plots are basic, most of the jokes aren’t funny the second time and the standout scenes are just… there upon rewatch because you already saw it.

  33. Why would Bucky who is just now recovering from decades of trauma and forced control, who wants to heal and start a new life, take on the helm of captain America? Which would be continuous stress for him. Also the US government wouldn’t even allow that he’s still coming into good graces with them

  34. As a comic book fan from the 80's, who also played the FASERIP Marvel RPG, the MCU is an absolute wonder and treasure. It's not perfect, but 12 year old me would have wept in joy at seeing how great the MCU has become.

  35. the Hawkeye show was very uninteresting, and it had a lot of potential but it was in the end boring and unfunny. Yelena was okay tho

  36. The Winter Soldier is not a top 10 marvel movie, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad whatsoever. Eternals was a very good movie just with too long of a runtime. MOM is a very good movie and did not need 15+ cameos to be good. Moon Knight is the best Marvel Disney+ show. The new daredevil show does not need to be as gruesome and bloody as the old one to be good. Not every show has to have people getting decapitated. Endgame is the best Marvel movie, if not the best CBM ever

  37. People need to take statements from producers and directors a grain of salt. People think EG Thor > IW Thor in terms of overall power

  38. Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is the best Hulk. Marvel just doesn’t know what to do with him anymore. Yes, they nerfed him big time for Endgame by not giving him literally any action or fight scenes. But that’s on the Russo’s, not Ruffalo. His portrayal as Hulk / Banner was great on Avengers, Age of Ultron, and Thor: Ragnarok.

  39. They should re-film parts of the Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo and Mark Ruffalo Hulk added in so it blends into the MCU better. They should also put Don Cheadle in Iron Man 1.

  40. Street level/spy stuff isn't that interesting. It's built on somewhat generic plotlines you could find in other franchises, and weak or underwhelming characters like Black Widow, Hawkeye and Falcon. Most of projects connected to them are inconsistent and poorly made, and trying to make BW and Hawkeye major MCU Avengers was a mistake. Anything focused on Hawkeye is especially bad.

  41. Interesting. I personally loved Homecoming. I thought it was a brilliant, fresh way to tell Peter’s story and do a superhero movie. I love a good John Hughes style coming of age tale.

  42. If Monica makes a cameo at the end of Ms Marvel, instead of Carol, then it's clear they just don't care about Carol at all anymore. And then it's clear that Carol is only there to make other characters good and cool and she's only there to be the big punchbag of the MCU.

  43. Agreed. Honestly it would be pretty weird if Monica was to be the one to cameo in Ms. Marvel with Kamala looking up to Carol and all.. either it should be Carol or no cameo at all

  44. Agree with everything except Daredevil being overrated. The show was a masterpiece and it does deserve all the love it gets. But that's not to say that the other Netflix shows weren't good too. Just nothing even close to Daredevil.

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