Kevin Feige says we’ll hear more about Marvel’s next big saga "in the coming months"

  1. I'm kinda guessing they'll announce whatever the next big team up is for the titular movie characters like Shang-Chi, Ant-Man, Black Panther etc at D23.

  2. Establish them in San Francisco, since that's where Ant Man and Shang-Chi are located. Hank Pym finances the team, since I'm presuming (and hoping) that Kang is being set up as a big bad (coming out of Quantumania). Some character makes a joke about calling themselves the West Coast Avengers.

  3. I think/hope they’re going to hold off on Secret Wars in favor of a smaller-scale Avengers flick. Maybe have a new team form to take on Zemo and the Masters of Evil, who could be set up in the newly-announced Thunderbolts project. Scale back the stakes and make it a more personal story about the Avengers legacy.

  4. Yeah I dunno exactly how they're going to do it though. Like in the comics, it's common for someone to take over a role (Sam as Cap, Jane as Thor) although usually eventually those roles get reverted to the starting person (sometimes with a "they weren't actually dead, just in the negative zone" or some other type of explanation). Although, of course with film, actors retire, leave franchises, or eventually, die. So it might be possible that Mackie is playing Captain America for a while, who knows. I hope we get a new Avengers team, maybe Young Avengers, or something like that though.

  5. Does anyone else think they should just say screw continuity and just give Michael B Jordan the role of T'challa?

  6. I wonder if it will work. While I enjoy the movies, I’m not sure I care about these characters as much as the original ones

  7. I got that part of it, personally. To me, the misleading part is the title saying we'll "hear" about where it's headed as opposed to seeing it in the movies. The title suggests they're going to make an announcement or something imo.

  8. I'm thinking he's saying we will find out for sure what's going on at D23 (Disney's big convention they have every two years where they lay out all their major projects) then we will get films/shows that lay everything out.

  9. X-Men ‘97 has to connect to the MCU, right? It has Marvel Studios name on it. I know it’s just the sixth season of the original cartoon but something tells me the events of the show will be felt in Earth-616.

  10. So annoying seeing people cry about phase 4 being bad when we’re just done with the infinity saga. Like as if we’re just going to jump straight into the big shit right away, the infinity saga took 20 movies to reach the climax. Can’t rush the process

  11. Well, Avengers 1 only took 4 years. So I think that's what people are looking for. Like a part 1 of superheroes coming together. At least that's what I'm looking for and kinda disappointed it hasn't happened/hasn't been announced.

  12. I don't want them to go bigger and bigger. I want the build up. But man I feel like phase 4 has some of the more lackluster movies and shows. I like a lot of it. But dislike more in phase 4 than in any other phase if that makes sense?

  13. I saw someone on here say something that really rings true - that Endgame was the biggest peak in the MCU and in order to build up to another similarly high peak in the future phases (which took pretty much a decade the first time around), we need the small, slow dips and steady pace Phase 4 has been taking so far, in order to develop the separate components before accumulating them for another big project on the same scale as the Infinity Wars saga.

  14. Eh, I think there's something to be said for the Phase 4 productions largely not being strong enough individual entries to keep the fandom fully invested without an overarching spine.

  15. Eventually, for sure! But there’s a lot of story with the incursions before we get to the end of them and I’m super excited to see how we get there.

  16. Prediction: They'll announce the next Avengers film as a two-parter, but it WON'T be Secret Wars. It will be based around Kang and they'll be released within a few months of each other rather than a year apart.

  17. It’s fair to say the mcu’s direction is a lot more far reaching than prior phases, while that can be a good thing I would welcome a clearer picture of what’s happening since waiting years to find out is a little heavy.

  18. Yea, the one thing this phase has suffered from it's things are too spread out. Almost every new movie and show is introducing some new character, like Eternals introduced Black Knight, and Thano's brother. Shang-Chi introduced Wong's urgency, Doctor Strange introduced Charlize. There's so many moving pieces that get setup in post credit scenes that feels like it's all getting way too crowded and drifting.

  19. D23 September. Feige will rename Marvel Cinematic Universe to Morbius Cinematic Universe. Morbius vs El Muerto Dawn of Justice Directed by Martin Scorsese starring Jesus Leto and Brother of Good Rabbit ,Bad Bunny.

  20. My personal theory is that we are leading long term towards a conflict with Kang the Conqueror. It seems like we’ll have A version of Kang in QuantumMania, but he is defeated. I think we see some kind of world/universe mixing with the Multiverse where perhaps the Mutants and/or Fantastic 4 are introduced in other universes then meshed together with the MCU universe, and long term like Thanos was the villain in the background up until Infinity War, we ‘build up’ through time to Kang the Conqueror (because the timelines needs to exist long enough for a Kang the Conquerer to… conquer), and all the heroes have to come together to defeat him.

  21. I think Eternals would have really benefited from being a Disney+ series, wouldn't be surprised to see it go in that direction for future installments.

  22. Young Avengers maybe? It seems like each of the shows and movies have been building up the roster individually (Eli in TFATWS, Kate in Hawkeye, Billy and Tommy in WV/MoM, etc.), and they may even had some other junior-tier heroes like Kamala or America Chavez to the roster also.

  23. I'd be excited to see a thunderbolts saga. almost make the "avengers" the bad guys. since there's no real unifying icon with Steve and Tony gone I think sam and dr strange would struggle to unite the heros in any real meaningful way. could have zemo be the leader, but get punisher and yelena in so you're not rife with villans. us agent and maybe abomination would round out the main team. maybe get Elodie Yung back to play Electra? or liv tyler can make a surprise return as red she hulk.

  24. And by "in the coming months", he means "in a prepared presentation at D23, so stop bugging me with the same questions over & over again until then."

  25. The X-men of the earth-838 get pissed that the MCU characters led to the death of professor x, they come to the mcu earth and we get x-men vs the avengers.

  26. There have been a lot of Secret Wars teases, as well as some Thunderbolts teases. But I'm most interested in hearing how they'll start introducing mutants. That's something we haven't heard much of since the Disney/Fox merger. So far, all we've really got in terms of X-Men content is X-Men 97. While I am excited about that, I'm hoping for more. Given how long it's been since we've had an X-Men movie, I'm ready to get excited again. 😊

  27. They've already mentioned the Incursions multiple times, we've seen an alternate Reed Richards, we know FF is coming, we've seen dozens of other parallel realities, and they set up the Celestials.

  28. X-men or gtfo. It’s time. MCU imo is getting boring and stale. The past few movies and shows were good but it’s just not feeling as epic as it used to be since endgame.

  29. Do you have to be super marvel comics fan to become Kevin Feige? I wanna play marvel comics trivia with Kevin to see how much he knows his shit

  30. I know they aren’t doing this, but at some point you’re going to get a re-creation of the iconic circle hero shot from the first Avengers movie with:

  31. If he’s already working on his next thing I’d say that’s pretty much puts a nail in the multi-verse coffin. Thank goodness

  32. I just really hope they don’t just bring in Earth-10005 (Fox X-Men universe) into the MCU. It’s a mess and while I enjoyed it for what it’s worth, it just won’t work at all in the MCU.

  33. I just hope somewhere along the line through the multiverses we get Chris Evans as prime cap from another dimension, meeting Captain Carter from yet a different reality. I’d love to see those two interact with BOTH as superheroes 😂

  34. So at D23 we’ll prob hear 2024 dates for Blade, Deadpool 3, Cap 4 and Thunderbolts, is 2025 to soon for Secret Wars?

  35. Ant Man or Secret Invasion (or both) would be the most obvious right? Both likely early 2023 releases with one being a big event and other having Kang appear again.

  36. I know the externals easily gets forgotten about, but they did have the villain aspect that really does seem like the end of times. Hard to remember it’s part of all the rest of it.

  37. Not salty at all about Phastos OR Ms. Marvel OR Captain Marvel because of race or gender or orientation. I'm salty that no one can criticize any of those products for fear of being labeled something. I liked Eternals. I think it would have been better if it wasn't an MCU movie. It raises too many questions about MCU canon.I thought Captain Marvel brought interesting stuff into the MCU. They can do fun things with the Skrulls. But I don't like that Carol was an elite pilot who was "heroic" because she fell down as a little girl and got back up. I think Ms. Marvel is okay so far. I'm interested to see where it goes.

  38. I'm guessing that we'll get a black panther trailer, and that black panther will be setting up something big.

  39. I know a lot of people are leaning into Secret Wars here. If that is the direction they go, I kind of see it going one of two ways. They will either reimagine what Secret Wars is (as they have done with a lot of the events they have adapted) -- or Secret Wars would need to be a phase of its own. Battleworld is so big, I don't know how you would do it without several movies to show it off and interconnect.

  40. Multiverse isn't ending anytime soon my friend. It has just started and honestly I want them to continue the multiverse storyline.

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