Marvel Studios’ Special Presentation: The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special - Discussion Thread

  1. With Thor, it seems like they had at least a slight Dragonheart kind of scam going on. Not faking the threat, but at least playing up the hard scrabble "hero for a price" routine. Plus The Ravagers are now a whole Guardian army it seems. They must be Heroes for Hire spread out over the whole universe.

  2. Best part for me was when Rocket said they weren’t going to hurt him, then Kevin calls him a Raccoon and then Rocket lunges at him saying he will kill him. Classic Rocket lol

  3. For me, it was how casually she was, as probably the physically weakest Guardian, just leaping around everyone and wrecking shit. For Earth, this was a cataclysmic event, for Mantis, it was a fun event where she was picking up a hamster.

  4. He threw out every other person's Christmas gift. Imagine if Tasr Face had received that Easy-Bake Oven he asked for.

  5. They do kinda retcon that story arc from GOTG2, though. Peter was adamant that Yondu was horrible to him and was not a father figure to him growing up, then Yondu had his redemption at the end. But in the holiday special we see that Yondu did have a loving fatherly relationship with Peter at least some of the time.

  6. Its a perfect compliment because even though Drax wouldnt know about Kratos, being called the God of War would be most pleasing to him. And, should he ever learn about Kratos, im sure it would still be the highest praise to him.

  7. One of my favorite parts was when Mantis sees the guy in the Captain America costume, yells 'Steve' and jumps on him with pure joy of re-union and the guy just runs away in terror.

  8. I like that it's clearly a cheap Halloween costume, with a plastic mask that doesn't even cover the back of his head, and Mantis and Drax still can't tell the difference.

  9. I chuckled because how is she gonna ask about being thrown over a gate while she’s leaping higher than the gate a few moments later lol

  10. What I liked about Mantis and Drax on Earth is that we got to see their agility against normal humans. When it came to GotG 1, 2, Infinity War and Endgame, we saw their strength against aliens so the impact was unmeasurable in some sense.

  11. Lol the lady who was crying when she saw the Guardian’s ship must have been recalling memories of when the Chitauri invaded New York

  12. this was my thought too. at first I was like “really? this late in the game we’re still afraid of alien ships?” then I figured every time there’s an alien ship slowly hovering through a city (Quill being abducted, Battle of New York, Thanos’ invasion during Infinity War, etc) it usually means bad news. plus this is LA and they’re probably not used to it since New York usually deals with this kind of thing.

  13. Yeah that was a subtle sort of dark moment when you think about. The populace is so traumatized that a spaceship appears and someone just starts crying cus they assume they’re about to die because up to now, that’s basically been what happens.

  14. The alien band is a RL band called The Old 97's and the song Kevin Bacon sings with them at the end is actually off their 2018 Christmas album. I had forgotten they put one out until I went to their YouTube music page after watching it to put one of their early albums on.

  15. Small detail, interesting they confirmed that the Collector seems to still be alive and the Guardians are now running Knowhere. Dope seeing them setting up shop in their HQ from the comics

  16. I think because he didn't care about it. He just didn't think it was worth mentioning. Plus he had more important things to worry about, like zarg nuts.

  17. The funny implication here is that Rocket was probably lamenting the loss of Bucky’s arm to Nebula throughout the five years he was blipped

  18. Really leaned into some horror tropes with the knocking down of the tree the cut off 911 call and the running upstairs for some weird reason. Mantis was kinda scary ngl

  19. The dynamic created an, IMO, even more endearing version of The Nightmare Before Christmas. They're terrorizing the city and don't even realize it, they just want to make Christmas happen. Not to mention the kidnapping and bringing somebody to their own world.

  20. I had no idea they were going to be in it, then when Rhett started singing (and doing that weird arm swing he's so good at) I just about lost my shit.

  21. I like that this special gave Mantis time to shine as a lead. Of the Guardians, she's one I've been hoping to see get more screentime and Pom's adorable in the role

  22. I agree in that I’ve been wanting to see her given more time and more of an actual role too, and she nailed it and totally convinced me I want tons more with her

  23. Just finished it, Pom Klementieff and Dave Bautista absolutely shine in this holiday special! It certainly might not become a Christmas classic for everyone but I had a great time watching it! Everyone hamming it up and James Gunn's humor just shining through, it's a hell of a good time! 

  24. This really sums up the vibe of phase 4, releasing the whimsical alien holiday special two weeks after the dramatic gut punch of Wakanda Forever

  25. Gunn confirmed on Twitter that this directly ties into GoTG3, so I'm assuming the tie-ins are the Guardians controlling Knowhere and Mantis being Quills sister.

  26. Mantis screaming at Drax to get over the zargnuts had me rolling 😆 this was such a cute and fun special, had me smiling and laughing all the way through

  27. His reaction to it was awesome too. Realizing he still had living family, but not changing that much since he already considered her family even before learning they were blood relatives.

  28. I love to think she had a little solo adventure, managed to find Bucky and just have a long awkward conversation before eventually asking for one of his spare arms.

  29. I hope they keep this up and have Bucky show up next with a completely different arm but with zero explanation as to how Nebula got his arm or why he had to change his arm.

  30. This was SO good. It scratched all the boxes for me as a James Gunn, Guardians, AND Friday the 13th fan. I love the Guardians, so I teared up a but when I started thinking about Gamorra and the team's loss, especially Quill specifically.

  31. I thought the same thing! I forgot to check the credits though, so hopefully someone comes through lol

  32. drax and mantis getting drunk in a gay bar on their way to steal kevin bacon wasnt on my MCU bingo card but i loved every second of it

  33. Fuck. This was amazing. I just loved every second. No stakes, just pure fun. Give me more of this from time to time 👌🏻

  34. I hope that lady who took the picture with Batista and Mantis believed him to be Kratos, because she said he's the God of War

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