Wtf is wrong with the drivers on rt24

  1. Route 24 has a lot of cars that probably shouldn't be on the road, a lot of people who probably shouldn't be on the road, and a lot of people inside of cars when neither should be on the road. That plus it's just one long straight highway that's boring to drive on, nobody has the patience for all the BS so it's a rat race to escape

  2. Yea there is something crazy about that highway like it’s haunted or something. I believe something happened a long time ago or it was contrasted out on top of a old cemetery that highway is just the worst people suck at driving I avoid at all costs

  3. Ahhh good old 24… my morning commute is like a NASCAR event. Stay out the high speed lane if your not trying to qualify for the imaginary race people are competing in.

  4. Nissan Altima's are the scariest cars on the road. They always are battle scarred, and the drivers are reckless with no regard for their or anyone elses lives. it's like if they don't continuiously swerve around traffic the glass CVT might fucking explode.

  5. Im fairly new to commuting on rt24 (past year & 1/2). Its totally nuts with the zig-zag low riders, narrow lanes & on ramps that dump you right on the highway.

  6. To be fair the "narrow lanes and ramps that dump you right onto the highway" are a EVERY Massachusetts highway issue.

  7. The stretch of 195 from fall river to providence is just as bad. Most drivers are 20 to 30 miles over the speed limit

  8. 24 has always been like that. I worked in Canton for a while, and the hardest part of my job was the commute on that road at 2 in the afternoon.

  9. Some of us locals refer to the stretch between 495 and 128/93/95/1 as “Satan’s Highway”… I drive it daily and I agree there’s been an uptick in the craziness the last month or so.

  10. People in this state generally drive fast. 24 is an easy drive. I wish slow drivers would stay on the right lane. Other highways like 95 and 93 are too congested to ho fast.

  11. The entire problem would be solved if it was three lanes the whole time. It’s a main connector from the Southcoast to Boston. It would be the same as 93/95 if the whole thing was 3 lanes

  12. The cops are always in the same 2 spots on 24 so the people that frequent the highway know exactly where they can act up. South shore MA drivers are as bad as Boston drivers but have the geography to go fast, that added with the fact that the police presence is predictable = the shitshow that is 24 (Commuted from Taunton - Boston for a few years)

  13. Truth? All the trash ppl from New Bedford, Fall River and then Brockton. All in their shit Hondas acting like it's a fuckin race track

  14. It's the highway to hell. I was just driving north from bridgewater a few days ago, everyone was doing 90+mph and then all of a sudden the dude in front of me fucking SLAMS on his brakes because he sees a state trooper.

  15. The cost to convert this to an interstate level highway would cost almost a billion dollars. It's a shitty highway. I've seen so many horrible accidents. I've totalled a car myself on this highway.

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