Hard to believe this is ME1 - finally I can make a non-potato looking custom Femshep!

  1. Omg please share the face code! She’s exactly what I was going to try to create but I’m awful with character creation.

  2. Hi. I have a dumb question - how does one enter a face code? I tried ages ago when ME3 first came out & could never figure it out.

  3. I've never played femshep so this will be a good experience to do so. I've heard many prefer her over maleshep,

  4. I think they were expecting a huge overhaul which would've been nice, but instead they've just made some subtle tweaks that work really nicely. They've fixed the female lip shapes so they're not all slanted downwards, which is huge.

  5. Everyone always complains about something. I don’t see shepherd as anyone else other then the base character. But that’s just my preference.

  6. They still aren’t great, but much better than the original. They’re about at ME3 levels in ME1 now it seems.

  7. Are there new customization options, or just the same old ones with new hair? I feel like one of male shep's biggest problems was that there were only 1 or 2 noses that looked remotely proportional, and 1 set of eyes.

  8. Yes, nice of them to add new hair for women and black guys and nothing for Caucasian males, I noticed. At this point I can play ME:LE with potato Shepard, or modded ALOT me1 with potato Shepard who can have a m/m Kaidan romance and can talk to Ash without being ninjamanced. Modded wins.

  9. yeah i got really lucky with my preorder, the website shipped my copy a day early so it arrived a day early!

  10. I hate to complain but I’m a little annoyed that there’s a trophy for carrying a romance through the entire trilogy, which entirely leaves out any M/M romance options.

  11. My original femshep, Susan, was perfect. Short cut blonde hair and a serious expression that could soften up on occasion. I decided to play a male this time and boy do they all look hideous.

  12. For male Shep, default seems to be the best TBH. But I would be nice to have decent looking customizable fellas.

  13. Lol I was searching through the hashtag on Twitter and your shep came up, pretty cool, thanks for sharing the code too and hope you’re enjoying the remaster so far

  14. Right? I love how steam let me pre download the game and I have it and I can’t even run it at midnight on release day. Lame.

  15. My femshep also asked for the “Commander Karen” from the Normandy’s barbershop before deployment. It makes some of the renegade dialogues seem like she’s being that person. But I thought the same thing, my custom femshep in the original games wasn’t horrible but definitely not like how she is now.

  16. I was disappointed my old codes didn’t work due to the changes, so made what I thought was close to my old FemShep. Was happy until about 2 hours in and I’ve noticed her cheeks have imploded at certain angles and lighting and now I can’t unsee it 😂

  17. hahah yeah that was my only gripe with that hairstyle, but trying not to think about it, i do think if i gave her blonde or lighter brown hair she would’ve had too much Karen energy about her lol

  18. At first I want to have blonde hair .. then yea “I want to speak to the manager” happened. So I change her hair color to red.

  19. I have to wait until the weekend to get my copy. I love Mass Effect and super excited. Started hoping maybe they'll remaster Dragon Age origins and 2 as well. I'd love a Dragon Age legendary edition.

  20. The visuals sure look cartoony now. Very sharp but little grit and very flat lighting. One of the reasons I loved Mass Effect when I first played it, back when it released, was because of its great atmosphere. Now it looks pretty bland.

  21. Are you able to make adjustments to each facial feature, narrow the nose, widen the eyes, etc., or are there just more presets to choose from?

  22. yeah, it’s pretty much just the same as the original character creator except for a few new hair styles and colours

  23. i see you are a man of culture... dark hair blue eyes is my usual femshep look as well.

  24. Ah fuck I'm excited. Going to Boston for a couple days so no playtime then, but when I'm back on Sunday I'm going to spend the rest of the day going through ME1.

  25. How are people getting to play the game early?!? I preordered it the day you could..and I still have to wait until may 14...

  26. They've made a few subtle changes to the female character creator and I'm SO impressed with it. The lip shapes are a huge deal.

  27. Are you able to edit the base Shepard? Are you also able to get a haircut later? Just curious! Ty!

  28. She looks really good! I’m really happy that they added the option to use those codes. It’s a really good addition to the character creator!

  29. For those who have already bought LE, how is the gameplay? I still have the trilogy in my laptop, and the last time i replayed the game was way back in 2018. I'm not bothered by graphics too much.

  30. For all the action shots and gorgeous landscapes of this game it's this image getting me most excited for the legendary edition, those small moments and interactions are what makes Mass Effect imo.

  31. Wait this is Me1?! Jesus Christ it looks so good in this shot. Most reviewers have said it looks dated still

  32. Do we still have to have all the weapons even if we're playing a class that doesn't have any training in them?

  33. Wow, she is really cute and most importantly, it doesn't have the same face as every previous femshep. I didn't matter how much time you spend, every femshep in ME1 had the same face with just a different skin or hair

  34. I hadn't played FemShep previously for literally this reason. Now that I can make a female Shepard that actually looks human, I'm very happy.

  35. Hey how are you already playing it. Still shows 2 hrs to unlock on my steam Library 😁😁. But I have slow internet won't be playing before 2mrw tho 😭😭

  36. i preordered a physical copy, and the website i used shipped it a day early so it came a day before release

  37. I tried to use my ME3 code from an old screenshot I took, and it's safe to say it did not look right. Completely wrong skin tone, hair style... looked like I'd hit the randomiser button.

  38. im not playing as a female but for the first time ever I've actually committed to using a custom character, I played the series like a combined total of 6 or 7 times and every time I just used the default apperances..lol

  39. I can't seem to enter the entire code. Do I put the dots in? On PS4 it's stopping me when I get to FG6.1C and then I can't enter more.

  40. Amazing! My husband and I are playing through again together and tweaked this code a little to this: 7Q1.D9H.M66.F1B.4DQ.H5M.1D9.141.KB6.B4A.FG6.1BF.5

  41. I don't know if any comments have pointed this out or not but, I'm going to ruin this moment for you. I always have a problem with this hanar because he says, "This one is greatly pleased to see you here in MY decadent emporium." Hanar only speak in third person, so having them use a first person pronoun is off-putting.

  42. Wow. Looks pretty good. Great job. I would definitely use her but I'm still deciding whether I'm going for Liara or Miranda since they both have their preferences. Saving for later.

  43. no mods, playing on ps5. it doesn’t look as crisp as this during actual gameplay but still looks pretty good

  44. This looks really good. I will say the customization is still disappointing though, as was Cyberpunk2077. Nioh2's character creator is so much more robust & satisfying once you achieve the look you're going for.

  45. Thank you very much for posting. I've changed the eye colour, but more importantly the mouth/lips, looked a bit too much, I think.

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