Stop telling new players that 3 has a bad ending.

  1. I bought 1+2 and by the time I hit endgame 3 every dlc and patch was out. I honestly have no clue what people complained about and it was as solid ending as a multiple choice game could get. My Shepard story is very satisfying

  2. The ending of ME3 is one of the gaming industries bigest controversies. It's been almost 10 years later, and the Mass Effect community still talks about it. And it always will be talked about, because it is an integral part of the trilogy. lol New players will see the ending, regardless of the 9 years of articles, and fan posts--which are hard to miss. lol My advice as someone who hated the ending back in 2012, and still does in 2021, as the Beatles song goes, "let it be..." Mac and Casey screwd the ending, they are human, it is what it is.

  3. On my first play through, I picked that ending, because even as a Paragon Shepherd, it seemed like what he would pick: it’s the end goal, and the other options felt like various degrees of compromise and/or making wide, sweeping changes to the galaxy, and my Shepard wouldn’t have done those. I liked that ending, because as you said, the mission was accomplished, but at a high cost, and the galaxy can rebuild.

  4. It's better sure, but It still suffers from the same "okay now forget everything you did before because you've got to pick an ending"

  5. As far as being a basic satisfying ending, I agree. If the extended cut red ending was present at launch, I don't think many people would have an issue. You beat the bad guys, you get plenty of closure, get a bit cathartic moment, everything we want. I always go with this ending.

  6. I disagree. Imo, the end of ME3 is full of poor writing no matter the ending you choose. The Starchild is a really bad deus ex machina that has zero connection the the rest of the story.

  7. Why destroying the Reapers would affect EDI and the Geth in any way is beyond ridiculous. You're telling me this device that can rewrite the DNA of all organic (and synthetic, as if that made sense) life, can't tell my ship from a Reaper? Just, no.

  8. Destroy is the only good ending in my opinion. The other two are dumb as fuck. I could do without the ghost child though, wish they didn't include that.

  9. I’d say that the extended cut in general makes the game a bit more stomachable. I did not mind it my second play through. I would call it a satisfactory ending.

  10. I wouldn't say it was a good ending, but it was satisfying enough. But when compared to the suicide mission, the entire earth segment of the game was just anti climatic, mass effect 3 deserved a far better treatment.

  11. I just wish there was a more satisfying epilogue. Hopefully we don't need it after Mass Effect 4 comes out.

  12. I'm gonna be "that guy" and say the that while the Destroy Ending is the best, it makes no sense. How does the Starbrat know that the Crucible, a concept they thought was destroyed, was going to destroy all synthetic life? And why is it going to destroy all synthetic life when the Reapers have an identify friend or foe system that could easily be used to single out the Reapers?

  13. To be honest on my side, the cost to the destroy ending wasn't what is bugging me (and a lot of people), it is

  14. I'm glad I was told the ending was bad. I was prepared. And when it wasn't a complete disaster, I felt satisfied. If no one told me, I would've been seriously disappointed. It could have soured the whole game for me.

  15. Same. I started the trilogy about a year after ME3 came out, when a lot of the nerd rage was still at its peak, and multiple friends warned me how awful the ending was. It was so built up in my mind that when I finally finished it my reaction was "well that wasn't so bad."

  16. I swear the writers all got high and listened to Rush before writing the endings. They shoehorned each verse of Free Will into a different ending.

  17. Yeah, I went into it thinking it was going to be a shit show. When I finally finished it, my reaction was “well, that wasn’t good, but it wasn’t awful”.

  18. I feel like a lot of people in the comments here are missing the point. Like or dislike the ending, whatever, that's not what this is about. But imagine if you were walking into a movie theatre for a midnight showing and ran into a friend leaving the 10pm showing. You're like "hey, I'm about to see this movie I'm pretty psyched!" and instead of saying "cool, let me know what you think" they start giving you unasked for commentary about how they really liked it but hated the ending. Cool, didn't ask, was just saying I was excited. Just let people figure it out for themselves. What's the worst thing to come of that?

  19. After skimming the comments I hard agree that some missed the point, let new people decide by themselves.

  20. Isn't this just how people talk about movies though? When I discuss shows or movies with people, "I liked it but the ending sucked" is a common thing that gets said.

  21. I actually went back and removed some votes on ending commentary. Thanks for your perspective. Of course I’ve got my own opinions from my play throughs, but I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade.

  22. This isn't really applicable considering the game came out almost a decade ago and this information has been widely available since then. Also, I find it hilarious OP asked not to ruin the ending by calling it bad but people are just straight up discussing/posting the ending in the top comment thread

  23. yea the finale wasn't great, but the less than ideal ending is nothing compared to the awesome experiences it took to get there.

  24. I mean, Return of the Jedi has a pretty lackluster ending, but it’s still highly regarded because it’s a solid finale to the trilogy.

  25. I only beat this game for the first time a few months ago and I thought it was a fine ending. I dont know what anyone else was expecting really?

  26. I played all 3 games for the first time only a couple of years ago. I think the negative reactions that the ME3 ending had actually made me lower my expectations for the game, and as a result it actually surprised me and I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to.

  27. As was also the case with several TV shows (such as Game of Thrones) or even movie franchises (such as Star Wars), what hurt the ending of those respective franchises the most was years of fan speculation and anticipation. Sure, I would consider those endings (or final seasons, or the sequel trilogy) to be somewhat lacklustre and far from ideal in many respects, but they also have many redeeming qualities and the negative perception was completely blown out of proportion - the same happened with Mass Effect 3 back in the day: I wasn't a huge fan of the original ending (pre-director's cut), as it lacked closure and went against the idea of players making their own choices, but then I'd already been emotionally invested in this franchise for 5 years and many playthroughs in 2012.

  28. You can love a franchise and still believe that it’s ending was undercooked. Just ask GoT fans for example. Sure everyone should come to their own decisions but why would an ending where the lead writer literally locked themselves in a room and unilaterally decided how the game should end in order to meet a deadline thematically be excellent. It’s the reason why some people were asking if they were going to improve the ending in LE. But because it is what it is there’s nothing we can do (unless you’re playing with mods 😏)

  29. Even with the extended ending DLC, the ending is a bit of a letdown that certainly sours a lot of the conclusion by digging up plot threads that were resolved hours before. I honestly think if they had not done the nonsensical final choice and instead played a version of the current destroy ending (minus the synthetic stuff they added in an attempt to dissuade you from picking it) that the reception would be far warmer than it is.

  30. I agree with this. The choices were so ridiculous that people had an entire Indoctrination Theory going until the extended cut came out. BioWare didn't really need to add any last minute curveballs to the narrative, but they did anyway for reasons that are beyond me. The ending shouldn't have asked, "Destroy, Control, or Merge?" as if those were sensible choices. ME3's final arc really should've been asking the player, "How far are you willing to go to stop the Reapers? Would you sacrifice yourself? Your friends? Earth itself? The relay system?" Now that is how you get players engaged, not choices A, B, or C.

  31. I agree with you, I went in with low expectations and I was still disappointed, and that was with the extended cut. IMO the entire final few hours of gameplay should have been different.

  32. That's my thinking. Warning players now that the ending is going to be a disappointment will soften the blow when they reach the crap conclusion of the series. If you know you're going to have a bad time, and are ready for it, the ending is far less likely to harm your overall experience.

  33. I completely agree with you. The ending is bad, it's not How I Met Your Mother bad but it's bad. It doesn't make me love the series or my experience any less. Like you I also have my own head cannon and the devs can go kick rocks if they don't think indoctrination theory isn't valid.

  34. Not only was the ending just god awful and an insanely disappointing finish to one of the most beloved trilogies in vidya, but Bioware and EA dug their heels into defending it when it originally released. The DLC that "fixed" (read: didn't actually fix) the ending released some time later.

  35. Just finished ME3 yesterday for the first time and I feel the exact same. I just downloaded the MEHEM The Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod to feel better.

  36. It was such a bad comparison too because neither of those films were overwhelmingly hated by near everybody in their day, they just had a few criticisms such as some critics thinking blade runner is too slow for its own good for eg. They just went from being mixed to mostly positive. Mass effect 3's ending is just bad and is considered as such by almost everyone to this day

  37. The entire game is one big ending, it gives incredibly satisfying endings to most characters (depending on choices). The finale at launch ends abruptly but the epilogue that came later fixed a lot of those launch issues.

  38. Good to see someone else with sense to know ME3 as a whole is the ending to the trilogy and not 15 minutes of epilogue. Prologue is at the beginning of a story.

  39. I'm open minded to the idea that younger/newer players should enjoy the trilogy, but 3 had serious issues barring the ending. People forget that the game had DAY 1 DLC in the form of FUCKIN JAVIK THE LITERAL PROTHEAN, the visuals actually regressed from 2, they butchered alot of characters (Whoever designed Ashley in 3 was fucked), and the game had a literal "NO RPG" mode from THE rpg developer at the time. It's dope that they made a remaster, but they came to this game after two disastrous releases and a litany of PR nightmares.

  40. Agreed. Maybe I'll have a different opinion this time around with LE, but I maintain that the only reason ME3 wasn't completely eviscerated in all facets is because it has "Mass Effect" in the name. The game was exceedingly mediocre, and it had a lot of the scummy business practices people hate. Day 1 DLC and a completely cash grab multiplayer. It was a worse Gears of War.

  41. Don't be jerks, for sure. But sometimes games are bad. Poor decisions are made in the development process. I don't think it is unfair to tell new players that they might be disappointed by the ending that awaits them after several hundred hours of game play.

  42. My major problem with the ending is the same I have with Deus Ex, you get dumped in a room with three buttons and told to pick your ending.

  43. extreme backlash, The original ending for the trilogy was leaked and they scrambled to change it right before release. They should have kept it as is regardless of the leaks because they didn't have enough time at that point to come up with a satisfying ending and they did the best they could but it felt like it came out of nowhere, which it does.

  44. There's no way to redeem that ending without substantially changing it though. Some of the choices don't even make sense in any logical capacity. It is pretty objectively bad, and a terrible deus ex machina resolution. It's such a boring resolution to an amazing trilogy no matter which ending you choose.

  45. For me the mainproblem with ending is that they are full of plot/story holes and that the 60-70h you invested in all 3 Games were wasted because no decision you made do matter in the end.

  46. [SPOILER] (#s "You are wrong about the relays imo. In Arrival the relay was physically destroyed causing the nova, but in the ending they are overloaded from the beam. Its probaly not the same." )

  47. Shepard acting weird is why I have always liked the indoctrination fan theory about the ending. It also explains why control/destroy seem color flipped red/blue from the paragon/renegade split. That fan theory and head canon do a lot for letting me personally be ok with the very end of the game and not let it ruin a lot of the great stuff throughout ME3.

  48. I agree. Without the context of being there when it released, without the extended cut, with the hype built from years of playing the originals, etc. I think new players are going to be mostly fine with it.

  49. I only played the series after everything was released back in 2015, I had no hype or expectations and I still hated the ending and was hoping it was being redone as a surprise with the legendary edition but I know since it was EA I was unlikely to get that.

  50. The extended cut didn't fix the main problems people had with the ending. The reveal of what the Reapers are is what soured people

  51. It’s not like it’s a secret. It was, and still is, a relatively well known “bad ending” in popular culture. People are free to make their own judgements, but that doesn’t change everyone else’s opinions that came before.

  52. I love ME3, but the end is still bad writing and that's not going to change just because of time. I feel its better to let people know beforehand so they're either not dissapointed or they're pleasantly surprised because they were expecting worse.

  53. Yes Blade Runner got an earlier unfinished version of the movie shown by accident and people liked it. So they went with it as a base and finished it. ME3 has numerous other drafts and they weren't used.

  54. If people ask, they deserve to know. Now, it's kind of inappropriate to start shitting on it the second the game is brought up. But if anyone asks about how ME3 is and especially if they ask about the end or the story of it, omitting such an important detail is a lie of omission.

  55. Uh, the ending is definitely not great compared to the rest of the series. There is no way for hundreds of choices different across every playthrough to boil down to three endings that are exactly identical with every other playthrough.

  56. Hi there. Never played ME and thinking about getting it. I remember the hullabaloo around the ending (I don’t know that the ending is, just that people were pissed) and is there a way to get a different ending? Trying not to read up on it too much to avoid spoilers, but I know ME is beloved by a lot, so I’m thinking it’s time to invest the time into it, but if there’s only one ending, I may continue my ME-free life.

  57. Same with LOST both ending are not perfectbut both are good. I expected a disaster but got good ending. I did not think at all that the journey was stained by the ending. Some people act like ME3 is a bad game because of the ending which is absolutely ridiculous.

  58. Not trolling I didn’t play the trilogy yet and because of your comment I’m expecting a bad ending -.-‘

  59. I enjoyed the trilogy and thought the ending was... ok? I really just wish they hadn't bailed on the dark energy setup halfway through development.

  60. People have a right to tell new players their opinion on the ending of 3. It will either set expectations below the earths crust where it belongs, or push people away from playing, thereby preventing the immense dissapointment that follows with a trilogy playthrough. So its a win win really.

  61. But it it is a bit of a letdown. It's still worth buying and playing. I recently bought the Legendary edition so I could play it again.

  62. I'll preface what I'm about to say by saying I do agree we should not really be saying this kind of stuff to new players. However,

  63. No. This should never be forgotten. BioWare should be reminded of their trash ending every day that their company exists. Extended cut or not - I turn my game off just before the ending itself as it's so meaningless and crap that it is just pointless to even launch it.

  64. No, it was a terribly disappointing, tonally and thematically inconsistent mess that only reached the bare appearance of acceptability after two DLCs were released to make it vaguely palatable.

  65. People here will be playing the extended cut ending tho, they won’t play the original ending. Which was terrible. Really bad.

  66. I played it way after all my friends told me that the ending ruined the entire series. They were dead ass wrong and I loved the series, the third game and the ending I picked.

  67. I loved ME 3. Amazing game. Anyone who judges it as bad based on the last 30 minutes is missing the point of the experience.

  68. My two cents as someone who became a fan years after the hype: I'm glad I knew 3's ending had a very controversial reception, and frankly it does suck. Having that awareness tempered my expectations of a massive payoff/amazing twist and helped me appreciate the game for what it was.

  69. Its been 9 years and the ending is still bad. The game itself is fine but the ending is awful. The Indoctrination Theory is the only way to make it palatable, otherwise taken at face value it's full of plot holes. I still love the game, but people absolutely need to know ahead of time that the ending is weak before they get emotionally invested and have to deal with that disappointment.

  70. This is community if for the fans to express their opinions about all elements of the game, whatever they might be. If they don't like the endings, then they have the right to say it, just like the people who loved the endings have the right to come here and say that they were great.

  71. Not the point. If you say "you have so much to look forward to! just try to ignore the endings" to someone who's new to the series, even if there is no spoiler in there you've coloured the ending for them before they ever even get there. I personally found the ending satisfying first time round all those years ago, and that might not have happened had people said to me beforehand that it was awful, terrible, etc.

  72. New player here: played the entire trilogy for the first time last year. I was there when the giant shitstorm went down and people were losing their minds. At the time, Western RPGs and space shooters weren't my preferred genre so I skipped out on Mass Effect entirely when it was in its prime. Anyway I thought the fans were overreacting.

  73. how about you stop trying to convince others that it was good? It sucked years ago and it sucks today. The extended cut is a bandaid.

  74. I agree. I personally think the extended cut isn't that bad, and people should be allowed to form their own opinions without having the community force one on them.

  75. See, that’s the thing: I’ve played ME1 a hundred times, ME2 even more, but I only finished ME3 once and never touched the trilogy again (and never saw extended endings, nor played Andromeda). That’s how bad it was to me. What’s worse, Up until that moment I thought ME3 was the best part of the trilogy and had they finished in that control room and jumped straight to the red ending, I’d be happy. It’a not that the ending is just bad, it comes literally out of nowhere and shoves a choice down your throat just for the sake of choice, because some idiot thought he’d like to be philosophical without spending 5 seconds thinking about it.

  76. Fun thing is iam the Same. I played and finished ME1&2 a dozen times and i didnt touch ME3 a second time. I liked ME3 overall its lighter on the RPG Part and heavier on the Shooter part because war and stuff but iam just not interessted to play it a second time.

  77. I consider myself a fan of the game and still have my pc original dvd copy, and I thought the ending to ME3 was pretty good at launch and never minded the dark nature of it. I don't think its true that it was universally hated.

  78. It's relevant to warn someone that a 50+ hour journey they might be undertaking doesn't have a satisfying conclusion. If someone asks you if you think they should spend $60 on an RPG trilogy and you don't tell them just how abysmal 2 and 3 are you have bad taste or you're a bad friend.

  79. 3 absolutely does have a completely shitty ending. Who are you to tell people they can't express that?

  80. It does suck though. I refuse to not tell people the truth. It has no quality and will never be reevaluated.

  81. People are perfectly entitled to have been hugely disappointed by the conclusion to a game series they loved and communicating that disappointment does not make them 'jerks'. Being 'open minded' has absolutely nothing to do with this at all, you've misused that term.

  82. I hope that EA and BioWare understand why people were angry with the ending originally and take lessons from the experience moving forward if they wish to save this franchise. Whatever people think about the ending, the trilogy is fantastic and should be experienced by everyone. However there comes a time when BioWare must look forward to the future of the franchise. I would hope that they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

  83. The ending of ME3 made me physically depressed for like two weeks. I wish I had never invested myself into the game the way I did. New players can do what they want but if Hudson and company didn't want people hating on a terrible ending they had ample opportunity to go in different directions even after the games release and chose not to. I loved the characters and themes in mass effect but that ending was awful narratively and time has not changed that one bit.

  84. It was a bad ending. Just because you enjoy poor writing doesn't mean that other people have to

  85. This was how my first playthrough went. I just recently played the whole trilogy and had heard how bad the ending was but once i got to it i chose

  86. Uhh no? Telling players your opinion on the ending shouldn't somehow be prohibited and it definitely doesn't stop them from making their own.

  87. I've seen so many bad endings over the past couple years that this one doesn't even come to mind anymore.

  88. 3's endings aren't even that bad. They just didn't live up to the cataclysmic hype that was around before ME3 launched. Which they just...weren't gonna do in 18 months. Extended Cut endings are honestly fine.

  89. I agree that heaping on might turn off newcomers, but the ending to 3 is the only piece of fiction on this earth that I can say is unequivocally not good. The only thing an individual can decide is just how bad that is. For me, and most people who experienced it, the ending was insulting, nonsensical, and crumbles with even the most basic examination. It’s logically and thematically flawed at its core.

  90. Yeah as someone just now playing through the original trilogy (I didn’t play a wide variety of games as a teenager when these came out) I keep seeing that 3 has a bad ending and as much as I’m enjoying my time I can’t help but have this feeling all my decisions are going to end up being meaningless in the end. I’m hoping that’s not the case. Trying to just enjoy it as I go and hope for the best. Just started 2 last night.

  91. Look at the sopranos ending. It’s widely regarded as the best ending of all time. Looking back it’s crazy to see ppl were so quick to jump to negativity with the ending. It’s the course that BioWare set us on. The way they decide to complete it is so out of our control. I remember being very moved by the ending after BioWare course corrected. I remember the ending more than I remember the entirety of andromeda

  92. Maybe tensions have died down since the launch but im still mad about it. The ending was hyped up to ungodly proportions back then by not only the fanbase but EA as well. It's a decent series that was ultimately hampered by expectations. The ending definitely felt like a gut punch at the time. I won't be a jerk about it but I'll at least say the series falls off a bit after 2.

  93. For real, it's so cool that people get to experience the game for the first time, let them have their own experiences and give them space to build their own opinion!

  94. Regardless of the DLC, the ending still will never make sense. “We created robots to stop you from creating robots” it was terrible and until the final mission ME3 is fantastic.

  95. I tell them the truth, which is that the ending of ME3 is generally regarded as a bad/disappointing ending. But yes, that they should just play it and decide for themselves, especially if they've played 1 & 2. Might as well finish the story.

  96. The ending straight-up sucks. It’s not Blade Runner or Shining, lol. But yeah I essentially agree and I promise I don’t just go around talking about how much it sucks unless someone posts a topic comparing it to Blade Runner or The Shining, lol.

  97. No, it's a bad ending. Hence why there are mods that rework that ending into something far more palatable. But, I'm not going to say it's good when its not and I'm so tired of those that want to stop actual criticism cause they themselves cannot handle it.

  98. It’s fair enough that you don’t like it, but the post isn’t saying that you can’t dislike it, it’s suggesting you let new players decide for themselves.

  99. Extended cut, destroy makes it a good ending to me. Never had an issue with it and I’m happy with the extended cut.

  100. Ngl it’s dumpster. As a newcomer, I have no choice but to vent to my friends about it because I’m 9 years too late to the hate-train.

  101. The ending is bad, but I will recommend people play the series as a whole. It's about the journey, not the ending

  102. A big ambiguous request you have there. Me telling a new player i found the original ending bad and they are lucky they get directly the extended one should not be bad.

  103. Wether you think the ending is good or not is subjective and I very much think you should be able to express your opinions. And really, what harm does it do if someone tells their opinion about an ending in a damn video game? It's not like they're spoiling anything or forcing anyone to agree with them.

  104. Ahahahahaha how about we all not say anything and then laugh when new people also have an outcry over the terrible, terrible ending?

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