Do you guys want Shepard to be resurrected?

  1. I want a good story, that is fun to play, visually stunning and an emotional journey. If Bioware can accomplish this with bringing Shepard back, then so be it. I want the experience back of being awed and invested whole heartedly.

  2. I played ME for the first time this year with the LE. I love Shepard and ya, I do want more. I want Shepard to reunite w/ their love interest, to find a bit of happiness, and shoot some more baddies. I wanna see Garrus, Liara, and Tali again.

  3. Sure, I'm not bored of Shepard yet. That said, if they bring back Shepard, I want the old squad to return as well. Wouldn't feel the same without the old crew.

  4. For me, mass effect was always about Shepard and the crew so I obviously want as many of them back as possible. I don't want only Shepard and I definitely don't want like 2 or 3 cameos like Andromeda.

  5. Unpopular option but honestly Yes, I would love to play a new game as Shepard again… as long as they could do it right but with no ending being official cannon idek how they would do that, but I think andromeda sucked because they characters where so bleh

  6. No. We had 3 fucking games with Shepard and 3 was pretty much the ending for the trilogy characters. Let them rest and explore other parts of the universe.

  7. Hell no. His story is done. If they do bring him back, make him a non-player character that we only interact with sparsely. Maybe they retire with their trilogy LI, assuming they also survive.

  8. Ikr? They can't afford another failure. That's why they will likely bring Shepard back, there are a lot of evidences pointing at this direction.

  9. I’d heavily disagree. ME was so much more than Shepard. The character was just a window that let us see the universe of the story.

  10. I liked Andromeda and don't think it was a failure. Its not super popular here but many people I knew in real life enjoyed it for what it was.

  11. I'm torn. Yes I want to keep at it with Sherpard and crew.... But if it goes bad and ruins what I have of them then it'll be a bigger gut punch than a new MC who I don't mind being a drag (Ryder)

  12. Yes. At the end of the day, I think the fans want the return of the Shep-verse. Not as the main character, but either as an Anderson-esque Mentor, or pulled out of retirement to help in some way.

  13. Yeah Shepard should stay either dead or out of commission if you got that ultimate destroy ending. The trilogy had a definite ending and it should stay that way. No Shepard and no reaper threat

  14. No, and I was really worried that they'd do something stupid and try to make it ME4. But I'm a bit relieved to see that almost everyone here is voicing that they too feel it would be a mistake to pretend like the trilogy didn't complete his story.

  15. I wouldn't mind if Shepard is found alive and that serves as a plot point, but I feel like it'd be a missed opportunity if they just return to Shepard as the main character. They were brought back from the dead at least once and defeated a literal galaxy-ending threat - let them rest.

  16. It seems that the general consensus is that Shepard’s story ended with the conclusion of the trilogy. I’d be more inclined to agree with this if the ending hadn’t run rampant with ambiguity and ultimately ended on an astoundingly weak note for a series that built its fan base on its strong narrative. For this reason, I’d personally feel more satisfied if we got one more story with Shepard that will provide a more definitive ending. I’d like it if BioWare retconned the divisive ending away and started fresh. I think they’d be wise to change their tune about the Indoctrination Theory as that would be a convenient way for the writers to dig themselves out of this narrative hole.

  17. The studio is going to try to give the fanbase a “Mass Effect: The Relays Awaken” and this sub will meltdown.

  18. Nah let them rest. It’s time for a new story and a new hero for sure. All I want is some kind of mention that my Shep survived the destroy ending, had a bunch of little blue children with Liara and lived to old age in peace. It’s what she deserves

  19. Not at all. It's like Star Wars resurrecting Palpatine, undermines the sacrifices of too many people to not leave a sour taste.

  20. no. shepard’s purpose was to stop the reapers and whatever ending you picked (besides refusal) that was accomplished. what else is there for shepard to do that would even come close to saving the galaxy? in my headcanon my shep lives and is found after the destroy ending - i’d like some closure for that but i’d like to see more of the universe. i want new squadmates to fall in love with. i adore all of dragon age’s protag’s equally and even though we had more games to get attached to shepard, i’m ready for someone new to take over. ryder was a promising start

  21. No, but I like the idea of a side mission with Liara where they try to resurrect him and bring back his evil clone instead

  22. I already hated that they resurected him at the beginning of mass effect 2, they had to kill him first for then shoving cerberus down our throat AND erasing lots of our accomplishments of the first game

  23. I don't mind if the story revolves around Shepard's decisions, but we can move on. What I would really like regardless of protagonist, is a segment of the game taking place underwater where I have to play as a Hanar.

  24. No. I really hope it’s almost literally the entire old crew (or as much as possible depending on the time frame), and you’re the new guy/gal/pyjack that has to come in and win their respect.

  25. i don’t think im for it, i don’t think im against it. to be honest, it would be enough to see my femshep finally at peace with her three children and stars over english bay with kaidan. as long as i can briefly interact with her. i feel as if SAM didn’t express how important shepard really was in defeating the reapers. it felt largely disrespectful and i feel like telling more about shepards story can help inspire/impact the new protagonist we get to play. but please, let my commander rest.

  26. No, that story has been told now. The player defined Shepard's personality anyway so it's not like their personality was the big selling point for the games.

  27. I want Shepard resurrected but I don’t want him as a protagonist. I’d rather see Ryder’s continued character growth, give him a chance to grow from rookie explorer to Veteran Pathfinder

  28. Absolutely not. Shepard's story is over, we should let them rest. They already saved the galaxy, bringing them back for more would just be cruel

  29. I really don't, and that doesn't mean I didn't care about Shepard, just that I recognize that Shepard had a scoped story arc that is the Trilogy. Bringing Shepard back means giving them diminished purpose and motivation which leads to an inferior narrative and an inferior character than previously. People who want Shepard back is out of personal investment, they have relationships they want to resume. I feel for you but trust me, it's better to let memories suffice here, because we got the full extent of Shepard and there's not many more places you can go that don't become disappointing with them.

  30. I want a big jump in time going forward. I really don't want to rehash the same old stuff. And I'd love it, after both the Reapers and the Remnant if they ditched the AI stuff

  31. Not at all. I get the want for it, and I would understand if after the lukewarm response to Andromeda Bioware doesn't go back to Ryder and that crew, but then I would prefer a new protag not an older one.

  32. Shepard is in the poster, he transferred his consciousness into a geth platform. Protagonist of the next ME confirmed Shepard.

  33. Yes, but I DON'T want them to be the player character. I think it'd be interesting to get their take on everything they lived through and everything they didn't, now that it's hundreds of years in the future. Same as how I want the Inquisitor back in DA4 but I'm glad they're not the player character anymore.

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