If this new mass effect links our galaxy and andromeda, wouldn’t it be hundreds of years in the future since the battle of the citadel? Rules out Shepard completely

  1. The fact the Andromeda Galaxy was officially confirmed to have shown up in the trailer last year, should have ruled out Shepard completely...but people wouldn't accept it then and won't accept it now.

  2. That’s EXACTLY where I’m at on this. People are being super wishy washy making theory’s. But it’s taking place hundred of years in the future Mans dead

  3. I bet only Liara will be the returning character and maybe one of the Krogans. Think of Katara/Toph/ and Zuko from Avatar being the only ones still alive during Korra.

  4. They need to unify the stories somehow, even if MEA itself was a bit of a flop, it's important moving forward for this initiative to be acknowledged when ME5 (e: ME4) is going to be set hundreds of years post-ME3, especially if/when Shepard is long gone.

  5. Bioware is never returning to Shepard and they are never returning to Ryder, either. But it doesn't mean it's what people want, or that it's good for the franchise.

  6. i don’t know how far into the future it will take place, but liara’s eye wrinkles in the first teaser is pretty obviously shown to indicate a long passage of time that will probably far surpass the life expectancy of humans, salarians, turians or quarians. that should rule out shepard, garrus, tali and the other human squadmates. besides liara the only one i can see definitely being in the game is grunt, and possibly wrex. but people will (understandably) keep hoping for shep and whenever the new protagonist is revealed they’ll get mad despite the devs trying to shown us that time will have passed

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