Vampire Deck in Master Duel?

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  2. I’ve made a vampire deck and it’s a bit tough in ranked. It’s hard to set up your board, but if things go your way, it’s not bad. I ended up going from Gold I to Gold V from too many losses with vampires (although that was partially me struggling to figure out how best to play it). I would recommend looking up some videos on YouTube of vampire decks in master duel and see how other people play them and what combos they can do.

  3. I'm experimenting with a Grass zombie/vamp deck that features solitaire, uni-zombi and mayakashi engine cards to keep draws and zombie effects consistent, featuring Doomking Balerdroch for monster negates, and Vamp fascinator comboing into The Zombie Vampire to tribute remove opponents monsters. So far it's been working pretty well but I havent tested in higher tiers yet (just started climbing with this deck yesterday).

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