Cheap xyz deck

  1. Zoodiacs. All you need are the N and R rarity cards. The N and R main deck monsters and the 4 N and R xyz monsters. Then add some draw power cards to help you get your Zoodiac to start xyz climbing. Minimum 4 xyz summons per duel. If you add Zoodiac drident, drill driver vespenato, and Zeus you can get even more xyz summons in a single turn.

  2. Zoodiac. Only two URs you need to be successful with it beyond staples is Drident and Zeus which are both limited to one. Win or lose though you'll chew through the XYZ summon mission pretty quickly

  3. Zoodiac you can just use n/r crafting material and have a genuine wincon if you already own Zeus which is one of the best boss monsters in the game

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