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  1. My dad is 69 (nice) and now that he's older he cries at every little thing. Just constantly getting emotional and weeping. Which in turn leads to me crying every time he cries. It's become ridiculous.

  2. The only time I ever saw my (manly man) dad cry was at my grandfather's funeral, and it absolutely gutted me.

  3. Almost every episode of Band of Brothers I have to fight the tears because if you haven't seen it, each episode starts with the real veterans talking about what they went through. Those men were something else and when they start crying, it starts hitting me too lol.

  4. Since having my daughters I cry way more than ever. Kinda ruins my life 😂 I started watching the first John Wick a few years ago and cried and tapped out when they killed his dog, the sight of the dog lying next to him knowing he crawled with his last little bit of energy to lay and die next to his master had me in floods. Years ago I wouldn’t of batted an eyelid at that scene.

  5. Something always gets me to when older men cry. I always see them as really tough people. I once saw my dad cry and i just cried. First time i saw him cry. At that moment i knew he had it really tough. Maybey thats what gets you. Seeing a strong person has it so tough they even start crying

  6. Because older people usually have nothing left to cry about or anything they find worth crying over. I remember a few funerals where everyone was crying except for the old people. A dissatisfied look was all they gave for people they were friends with for decades. Or family they’ve known since birth. Seeing them cry is just so bizarre.

  7. Because it’s so rare to see one who made it through the emotional abuse of the past that was considered normative male socialization and still have the ability to cry when happy.

  8. Because we see the pure emotion that so many men are expected to hold back. A lot of times we can't cry as we have to be the strength for others in our lives. This hit me too.

  9. Just my opinion….I have taught my boys to have feelings. Let their mother and I know about their feelings. However, they get ridiculed by friends if they show feelings other than aggression and “coolness.”

  10. This is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. But I think you might be at the wrong sub for this. Still an awesome vid tho.

  11. Jesus. I am crying and I don't cry. What an amazing thing to do! That look on their faces was so pure and unfiltered. God bless you op, thanks for making me smile.

  12. It’s a dexterity problem. With some conditions the harder you try to hold onto something the more you shake or lose grip. Over time we’ve just learned that some devices and helpers make it easier for people with these conditions to do normal things, usually having to do with the muscles and coordination types being challenged.

  13. Of course it kids who can solve problems that others over look but are more life changing and have so much positive impact!

  14. I first saw this in one of my occupational therapy groups on Facebook and I’m pretty sure it was OT students who came up with this, so college-aged people. But yeah, this is the kind of stuff we focus on in OT!

  15. Dammit Reddit… I have a meeting in 20 minutes and now I’m blubbering and sprung a leak. Sometimes your so damn wholesome…

  16. You got me. Here I was watching this on mute not fully aware what was happening, and then BAM, I was crying all of a sudden.

  17. I don't know how he feels because I'm not him, but I have a slight feeling of what he feels like. I live a normal life every day and you'd think I'm in my 20's, yet I'll be 40 next year. I have nervous system damage from chemo when I had cancer almost a decade ago. Sometimes I'm suddenly unable to speak and able to understand people. I lay there partially like a zombie but I can hear my own head voice. It happened today. When I could finally move my body and walk again I went over and gave my son a hug as if it was the first time and last time it'd ever happen. I'm sorry if I offend somebody because it's not the "same" as a guy who had a stroke, but it feels like somebody is yanking my life from me at random moment, then the next day is fine as if I'm a kid again. I don't get it and it's throws me for a loop having tug a war with my life. If you saw me on a normal day when I'm doing well you'd think I'm making it up and I expect anybody born after 1990 would probably tell me to "STFU" or some modern saying. Either way, I did the best I could and hope that I have a full life or normal life (though it's known that some of my chemo has irreversible effects as I'm experiencing). I hope this guy in the video regains his full life back again, and family is the most important thing in life. Sorry for sharing my life online :-(

  18. We pushed up our wedding plans when my Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and by the time it happened he had lost a lot of function in one of his arms like this. He walked me down the aisle clasping both hands and the way that this sweet man in the video used one hand to lift the other really sent me back to that memory. I had my Dad for just 11 months after his diagnosis but lucked out on getting to spend my first 28 years with him. I hope this man in the video gets to have a long beautiful life surrounded by his family that he can now embrace.

  19. That kid in the blue shirt looks about as old as I was when my grandfather passed away due to complications from a stroke.

  20. This « hugger » is a very cool invention, but is not intended to help Parkinson’s disease patients in the first place. The grandfather here probably suffers from right hemisphere brain tumour, as you can see the scar on the right side of the scalp and a weird baldness called radiation-induced alopecia. This is the reason why he can’t move his left arm and the real purpose of the « hugger » is the allow him to use his right arm to move the left one

  21. If You are going to sell a strap and pretend it’s somehow a unique invention, you better have a kid who is named after someone who handles straps all day lol

  22. You son of a bitch. It’s nearly 90 degrees here and my classroom has no ac. I’ve been sweating all day and now I’m crying. My water loss is out of control. I need some electrolytes before I pass out

  23. My best guess (and what someone else said) is that he suffered a stroke, so he cant bring his arm as close to hug them. The strap lets him bring it closer and actually hug them. Im tearing up!!

  24. I know he had a stroke but I’m still extremely confused. His hands were together before they put the strap on and he moved his arms inward after it was on. What would have prevented him from putting his arms over the child’s head and then bring the in tight and close? I mean it wouldn’t be the usually way to hug, but even with the strap it’s not your typical hugging technique.

  25. I so barely missed like first second and was just like "so whats wrong or what he got?" Then i rewind and pause and was like "oooohhhhhhhhh"

  26. OP can you please tell me where you found this video? My grandfather had a stroke a couple years ago where he also was partially paralyzed, and I'd really like to get in touch with this lady and ask her if she'd be willing to send us one of these!

  27. it’s incredibly easy to take everyday things for granted. i’m speechless at how he reacted to getting to hug his boys. so so beautiful.

  28. I’m happy for him but I’ve also been there…..just breathing to death and starving for the simple things. Tough path to walk

  29. I think everyone in this comment section is looking for confirmation that they’re not the only one crying. You’re not.

  30. I’ve worked with people with disabilities my whole career. This is such a sweet and clear example of the power of accommodation. The accommodation in this case being the Huger. With a little creativity there is space for us all to participate in life. Nice one.

  31. He's got weakness in one arm. Possibly he had a stroke? He uses his strong arm to pull the strap and pull up his weak arm for the hug.

  32. I hurt my back pretty bad and was in so much pain for about 6 months, I couldn’t even hug my fiancé. It was devastating. Losing that emotional contact really fucked me up. I completely understand his breakdown into tears. I’ll never take it for granted again.

  33. You people need to stop putting this on my home page during work. I can't have someone coming into my office asking while I'm starting at my computer crying.

  34. I dunno if anyone will see this, but I just need to say. There is no greater feeling than hugging your children/grandchildren. It’s gotta feel so good to hug them again.

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