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  1. Mine brings them home half dead. Meows at the backdoor until we watch her. Likes to toss the mouse in the air showing us her skills as a huntress until death takes the mouse.

  2. Our older kitten has been teaching our younger kitten how to hunt (both indoor only kitties). So far they take two days and we think the mice are being licked to death.

  3. Please don't call nature unfair and brutal. That's just the circle of life and nothing compared to the cruel shit humans do. For that kitty it's just playing, it neither enjoys nor understands the concepts of torture and psychologic harm.

  4. Some do. We definitely found our share of rodent livers when I was growing up…….or better yet…come home and there are feathers EVERYWHERE. Truthfully I can’t remember if the cat actually ate the birds…but he definitely ate the mice, rats, and bunnies.

  5. Yes they do. I've had plenty of domestic cats that will eat damm near the entire mouse, rat, gopher, bird, ECT. They'll typically leave the bowles and head on the porch.

  6. 😡 Imagine a giant spider in front of you This ia what this little aninal feel Please respect them too And avoid suffering when you can avoit it

  7. that poor mouse cant even shit itself, that's how damn scared it is. imagine getting cornered by a lion and the lion is just toying with you.

  8. My cat smacks them around until they strop breathing, never uses his claws. Then bats the bldy around chasing it till he gets bored.

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