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  1. How can he talk if the sheath is supposedly in his whole ass gullet? When he inserts the sword it does make a sound like it scratching against something though. I think we need to burn this dude at the stake just to be on the safe side.

  2. If you look in his right hand while he's holding the sword, you can see his middle and ring finger don't move. He's holding the sheath in that hand. Think of it like a fruit roll up. That's why it takes him so long to start pulling it out if his mouth he's fiddling with it to put it in his mouth.

  3. Wait till you learn that he has a full ass knight on a horse inside him. The trick magicians don't want you to know.

  4. I knew a kid who could "swallow" liquids and hold them in his throat, then throw it up on que. He used that trick to skip school (they let him go because they always thought he was sick).

  5. The sheath is farther down in his esophagus than his voice box. He has to regurgitate the sheath a bit, then he uses his finger to grip the inside of the sheath and pull it out.

  6. When I visited Key West in FL as a kid, we saw a sword swallower performing during the Sunset Festival. Every time he would perform, people would gather around, and he would let them touch his sword to prove it was real. Kids, adults, everyone would touch this sword. Then, the man would shove the sword down his throat without cleaning the blade at all.

  7. It’s easier to teach something if you have personal experience and knowhow, so learn it yourself first and then you can teach your gf step by step

  8. Real talk? Squeezing your thumb helps and so does alcohol. Much harder to swallow a dick than a sword of equal length though because it blocks the windpipe pretty well.

  9. It’s not. 🙂 watch his right hand, he’s got it palmed. It’s likely rolled up, you can see him stuff it in his mouth. 🙂

  10. His right hand middle finger never moves as he’s taping on the sword, and you can see the color of the sheath in between the fingers…then you see him put it in his mouth.. it’s freak’n rolled up

  11. The sheath is basically rolled up, like a tape measure, in his hand you can hear it initially smack his mouth when he reaches for it

  12. Idk why you got downvoted, even if you aren't exactly right about the rolled up part, the noise as he adjusts his hand by his mouth added to the fact that hand was obviously holding something from the very first time you see it makes it quite clear he did not swallow the sheath

  13. Wait so would he be a magician or nah? Cuz if he a magician, then he wouldn't want you to know, hence no video, but if he wasn't a magician he shouldn't know the trick in the first place

  14. By the way, try this at home. I hear there's a huge turn over rate in that career. I can't see why myself. I thought everyone, at least at one time growing up wanted to be a human shish-kabob. 🍢🍻

  15. I learned that sword swallower sword have to be specially measured and trimmed. They literally go all the way down to the stomach opening

  16. I once had a endoscopy, that shit had me tearing at the eyes and throwing up having a thin tube down my throat. Dunno how he and others can so casually talk and move etc whilst having a sheath let alone the sheath+ sword down their throat. Now I know how it’s done and that I could feasibly do it…. Fuck that still

  17. Would've been cool to here this before trying this at my uncles wedding but whatever man magicians are nerds

  18. Wasn't there that dude who put like 8 swords in his mouth at the same time and spun them around? I don't think he was deepthraoting 8 sheaths

  19. Back in the 80's, a side show came to Buffalo, NY that had a young woman sword swallower. They even did a feature on her on the local news and I actually saw her in person. I learned that "young woman sword swallower" seems to make everyone think of fellatio.

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