1. Medics still trying to figure out how he was able to take so many shots that couldn't stop his baton-deploying animation.

  2. “It is obvious to the educated few, that this ineloquent fool lacks the ownership of an air fryer”

  3. I could see this happening to Peter in a episode. Except him trying to get the baton to fully extend would have went on for another 30+ seconds, and then he gets shot.

  4. Damn can’t believe how good slow mo video is these days. Years ago everyone would have been wondering why this video was only .5 seconds long

  5. Idk when me irl got all preachy I miss the days of waterguy12 and meme from the future you don't understand yet.

  6. I am trying to not laugh so hard because I just have my tooth remove today. it was so pain and laugh at same time XDDD

  7. I mean it’s not unreasonable to use a gun to protect yourself from a robber, or anyone who’s trying to harm you.

  8. This is fantastic comedic timing. The facial expressions and body language adds so much. Straight out of Kung Fu Panda or something

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