1. One of the letsplay channels I used to watch when I was little turned out to not only be a neo-nazi, but also not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany as a country and instead see himself as citizen of the Reich.

  2. I’m not sure about other parents, but I know my sis actively researches youtubers her kid watches and randomly checks to see if anything new has come up with them. It’s a rough world out there.

  3. Luckily NerdCubed and Jim Stephany Sterling turned out to be very prominent leftists in the gaming space. They're both very progressive and it shows

  4. honestly so glad Nerdcubed hasn't turned out shit, unfortunately there's always the future possibility (even progressive people are capable of harm) but i think it's definitely less likely now it's been like 11 years without any kind of controversy like this.

  5. Shiit they where the first people o thought of!! I recently looked up their videos again because i wanted to go on a nostalgia trip then got bombarded by how abusive they are

  6. On the other end, I used to watch a lot of DanTDM. I stopped watching when he started playing Fortnite, but once saw a short video he made addressing his stance on the BLM movement and how he thought it shouldn’t even be a debate. He also mentioned in the same video (since it was the start of June) that he was disgusted that people are discriminated against for their sexuality. He ended up donating a good amount of money towards BLM causes and LGBTQ organizations. He still seems like a great guy honestly. I’ve grown out of his content, but I cherish the role he played in my childhood.

  7. Holy shit I think I remember skydoesminecraft! I can’t believe I’m hearing he did something :( if u don’t mind me asking, what was he involved in?

  8. It's ironic how a lot of times when a public figure is homophobic, transphobic, etc. They themselves did some bad shit.

  9. The weird thing is a lot of the big youtubers who have had allegations thrown at them, really freaked me out when I was younger, and still now. So far, as far as I know, my fav youtubers are still okay/wholesome people. Markiplier and co (Wade, Bob, Jack, Gar, JP, Patrck) I am looking at you.

  10. Markplier is like the Dolly Pardon of YouTube. If one of those two gets exposed as a bad person I'm officially losing 100% of my trust in ANY public figure

  11. I remember when markiplier did his defence video on pdpie, some of his posturing really made me uncomfortable, and hell, I love jse but he also kinda defended pdp and still hangs out with him

  12. Bruh, Tobuscus used to be my life! I feel so bad for his victims, and I can’t believe I used to not believe them. At least I’m older and no longer default to that line of thinking.

  13. Aw man Toby was my favourite Youtuber as well. I didn't want to believe it was true, especially since Olga said that he never did anything to her (that I remember. I loved her so much). I remember my brother would always point out that it seemed like he was on drugs but I would always insist that was just how he was. Seems he was right

  14. I hate the version of myself that worshipped Onision in middle school. What a dumpster fire of a human being he turned out to be

  15. Turned out to be? Wasn't he like always pretty much a burning trash bin of a human, just really good at manipulating the audience and the people who already believed him?

  16. I'm really happy nothing like that ever happened to TwoBestFriendsPlay, they're all just a bunch of Canadians.

  17. I loved watching him play with Vanoss. It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth watching videos that he was in because I now know that he was attracted to mini lads.

  18. I should watch Chugga again. I still want to play Xenoblade 2 for myself so I stopped watching him when he did that LP, I should start up the new Splatoon one.

  19. Hell yeah, I go on and off on watching his stuff based on what he's doing but it tends to be always a nice time when I do

  20. Fortunately Hermitcraft is still a good group of YouTubers with many being allies and several bi hermits

  21. Man the youtubers I watched as a teenager are still fairly active with like no controversies after 10+ years. Not sure what you guys were watching

  22. Yeah same, the only "controversy" my fav got into was yelling so loud at a convention he was heard on like 3 different Livestreams at once and his friend yelled back to shut up.

  23. Jesus, who did you watch? Most the ones I watched are still doing what they do in some capacity. A lot of them have turned to streamers, a few have “retired”, one was ruined by false accusations.

  24. AH Ryan and FH Adam were by FAR my favorites from Rooster Teeth, probably even all of youtube. That was a shit day to find out about both of them.

  25. Every time I hear about someone from RoosterTeeth anymore it's because they did something shitty. I'm glad I was never too big into them, because I can't imagine how hard that would be.

  26. Ryan was my favorite AH member for years. I watched AH (and specifically content with him in it) intermittently from late 2011 all the way up to the scandal happening. I haven’t really watched much since and I haven’t revisited any of the old classics either because of it. The whole situation left me feeling gross

  27. Makes me glad my YouTube tastes are so boring and mundane that most of the people I follow don't go crazy. Dave Jones of the EEVBlog, Aging Wheels, about as mainstream as I get is LGR, Lock Picking Lawyer, and Hugbees, though his interstitial ads are beyond annoying.

  28. I stopped watching Leafy soon after I found him, but damn, was he a prick. As far as I remember, he used to bully kids right? My obnoxious edgy phase ate that shit up, and I feel awful thinking about what a turd I was.

  29. Legit too many to name. Used to think it was a “don’t meet your idols” sort of moral, now I know it’s a “don’t idolize” :/

  30. It's really wierd how the right wing accuses every one of paedophilia and then so many of them turn out to be pedophiles themselves....

  31. I used to watch them when I was really into lucky blocks and such, I always loved the new blocks and whatever was going on. But i unsubbed after some time when things felt forced and kinda tense between him and Jen. And from the comments below it looks like there was good reason for that feeling.

  32. At least Game Grumps are still good with a few minor hiccups (like that one editor they hired that was caught grooming, or Dan apparently ghosting hookups)

  33. I forget some of y’all are like… teenagers and talking about people like Leafy or pewdiepie. My old ass over here thinking Ryan Higa and RWJ

  34. Luckily, most of what I watched just kept doing what they did, some catering more to the younger audiences instead of us old school fans and thats ok imo.

  35. One of the YouTubers I watched 10 years ago (Olizandri) is still uploading multiple videos daily (edited versions of his twitch streams) and I still enjoy his content, a lot of stuff you grow out of but I guess his content works for all ages

  36. I got lucky, I only really watched stampylongnose on repeat and he still uploads along with his spouse who’s non-binary

  37. I don't trust any youtuber anymore, even one that I'd been watching for almost 10 years became an asshole recently

  38. I can’t believe that we were taught to think that way by YouTubers when we were that young. Says something really fucked up about society right there.

  39. yeah same with iDubbbz and Filthy Frank. it feels like a really odd dream i had several years ago.

  40. It was Knightwing01/Kwing Let's Plays for me. They were a gaming channel that talked about Batman lore that I used to enjoy. I check in a few years later and now they're talking about how diversity Is ruining comics and BLM are terrorists.

  41. I'm an old fuck, and I didn't get decent internet until high school, so I was in my late teens before I watched any YouTube, but I'm lucky that most of the ones I watched are mostly just painful to return to because they weren't particularly funny, as opposed to being shit people.

  42. The recent shit about SkyDoesMinecraft... Just after they came out as nonbinary. (I don't care if "it was a joke" they still haven't said their pronouns aren't they/them anymore, so I will still respect them)

  43. Never meet your heroes but thanks to the internet you don't even need to meet them anymore. So don't have heroes I guess.

  44. This happened to me a few months ago, I was rewatching a series from this youtuber that I absolutely loved and the series was a huge part of my childhood, turned out they said lots of slurs and weird sexism things :( I felt so uncomfortable and upset. Luckily it did get better later on in the series & they actually had a queer person play a character in the series in the later episodes. I guess it was really a different time, plus they were quite young in the first few episodes, but it still didn't feel nice. Their content seems pretty changed now though, so I'm glad to see the improvement!! Just never ever clicking on those old episodes ever again.

  45. The Pokétuber community exploding a few years back hurt pretty bad. I had stopped following most, if not all of them years prior, but TheKingNappy was one of my absolute favorites in late middle school/early high school during the XY & ORAS days. Finding out he repeatedly groomed minors, and that the many others in the community were assholes who only collaborated with each other for views felt very weird and kind of ruined all of the good memories I had being a member of that community. Tbh I don’t think the online Pokémon community has really recovered since then, and I don’t think it will ever truly feel like it did at the peak of the Lumiose Station days

  46. I was mutuals with a Pokémon YouTuber with like 25k subs, drifted away when he was an asshole to me, then found out last summer he was interacting with underage fans in illegal ways let’s just say. Fuck man, the safest part is I’m still mutuals with his best friend from college who was absolutely devastated when he found out the guy he hung out with for years was a creep. He knew it was true too since we quickly learned he’d been doing that shit for years.

  47. Man, my high school youtube following was Vsauce, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Jacksfilms, and Rhett and Link. So far so good, I think, lol, hopefully, don't break my heart pls

  48. Thankfully a lot of YouTubers who turned out to be shitty people are ones I never watched to begin with (Onision and Shane Dawson are two that immediately come to mind— I had heard of them before their respective controversies but I never watched them because I was never interested in their content). A couple I’ve been subscribed to for a long time have had sexual assault charges against them but they ended up being false (Tobuscus and ProJared— the latter still has his channel up and uploads pretty regularly but Tobuscus, unfortunately, never really got popular again, which, again, is unfortunate). JonTron is the only one I’m still subscribed to that has had any real controversy around him and I have my own opinions on that one, personally. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I still watch his stuff.

  49. Lets face it, 'oughties internet was basically just an open sewer run by shitty, overprivileged college kids, the only things I can think of worth salvaging are all SBEMails and Homestar Runner cartoons.

  50. why is nobody mentioning corl horl? roblox youtuber back around 2018 i believe. cant remember the full story but you can search it up on yt. i didnt personally watch this person, but as someone who did watch 2 members of the pals, i have to point him out.

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