[Service] Spam's Switch Lubing Service

  1. just gonna say they did an amazing job lubing/filming my Dogikon Linears, feel amazing to use, less wobble, ty!

  2. Just finished my first build with some Gat Milky Yellows lubed here and they turned out great. Highly recommend!

  3. I just had Spam do some of my switches. They turned out great. USPS not so much. But awesome communication and even better customer service

  4. I bought 80 lubed and filmed milky gat yellows and I would say Spam is offering a great service! I am very happy with them and feel they are all consistently lubed. Would certainly recommend him.

  5. I bought Lubed Gat Yellows a few months back and it was very well done and consistent! The prices was really good compared to other listings I saw at the time for lubed switches! I paid $59 with shipping to Canada included for 90 switches. Most listings were $60+ for 70 switches so his was definitely a deal. I would recommend him, he is definitely trying to make prices fair and he's a very nice guy too!

  6. I've gotten a shipment from him and loved the quality of his work so much that I immediately went to order more for another board along with lubed stabs. He went out of his way for me to find better prices on more switches and you can't find that with your average Redditor (I've been around here long enough!).

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