atomic blast underwater

  1. remember it's a large multifaceted problem that can't be solved all at once so the best thing we can do is be cynical and do nothing

  2. And added fake sound effects. The video was shot from miles away, there's no way the sound of the blast and eruptions would be perfectly synced with the video like that, there'd be a significant delay.

  3. I think the channel that made this video purchased some shitty old declassified film reels that were really degraded and poor quality and then restored and digitized them at considerable expense of time and money. The watermark is deserved.

  4. Okay thank you, I was questioning if this was fake because I don’t understand how the audio perfectly aligns to the blast, but all the comments I read so far didn’t mention anything and even linked Wikipedia articles to this event so I thought I was going crazy lmao

  5. There’s only a couple of atomic tests that have audio of the original shockwave. These atomic test footage always have this super fake deep rumbling noise added on when in reality nuclear weapons sounded just like a very loud gun or thunderbolt going off.

  6. Im not sure but it looks like the bikini atol. Lots and lots of big bombs(hydrogen and nuclear) have been tested there. So yea this place is fucked.

  7. And the islands, the indigenous Marshallese people are still seeking more complete reparations and assistance with relocation due to the radioactive nuclear contamination and rising sea levels from global warming has put the relocation sites the government sent them to in danger or under water already as well.

  8. they were testing the effects on the ships. found out the saltwater absorbs neutrons, becomes radioactive, and chemically combines with the paint on the ships.

  9. TREMENDOUSLY NEGATIVE. They should done all this testing back in their home. Their country, they should’ve did all those testing IN AMERICA!!!!!!!

  10. I wonder how many gallons of water are displaced by that? Also curious what sort of impact a single detonation has, by ripple effect, on the surrounding ecosystem and to what distance.

  11. For those asking, this is the Baker shot from Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll in 1946 with a yield of approximately 22 kilotonnes (similar to the Nagasaki "fat man" bomb). This is not a hydrogen bomb as someone has suggested. It's an atomic bomb detonoted under the surface to test the effects of nuclear weapons on Navy ships and submarines. Hydrogen bombs are routinely 1000 times more powerful than this, which really puts the earth's true peril in perspective.

  12. Crossroads Baker had a much wider cylindrical spray column (not a conical one), it had a much more distinct "cauliflower" steam cloud cap emerge from the spray column, there was a condensation ring, and there were ships moored much closer to the detonation point. It's probably one of the most iconic detonations there is, but this is not the right footage.

  13. I'm almost certain this isn't Baker Shot or at least I have never seen the video from this angle. Baker shots plume was a totally different shape.

  14. This isn't Baker it was a test called Wahoo in 1958. I can't seem to find any info on the yield of Wahoo but listing the Baker info is incorrect.

  15. The complete disregard for any and all life, prioritizing themselves by an immense margin, is what makes Humans detestable.

  16. Radioactive rain It will seep straight into your brain [lean away from mic to catch breath] Radioactive rain Soon you will start to feel the pain

  17. The governments who pushed for these tests should really be put on trail for crimes against humanity. Average background radiatin has risen significantly

  18. You have to wonder how dumb scientists are when they test over a 1,000 of these bombs and ones a lot more powerful and deadly , both in force and radiation .

  19. So... why has the audio alignment been altered? Do you think people are so stupid nowadays that they will claim "fake" if audio and video aren't as if they weren't standing on top of the explosion? Not saying this clip is fake or not, just altered in a stupid obvious way.

  20. Yet Mr and Mrs Miggins are told they can't boil the kettle because of their carbon footprint. Fuck them. Fuck the lot of them.

  21. You'd think PETA would have an issue with this? But no. They're just guilt tripping me for enjoying spicy nuggets like I killed the chicken.

  22. I know I’m wrong but it seems like these bombs don’t really need to be tested as many times as they were tested. They explode… great. Done

  23. Also, It’s not the same government. Pretty much everyone in government at that time is dead or retired.

  24. It's sad to think of all the destructive radio active material released into the ocean and air. They were like kids playing with fire.

  25. Kurzgesagt did a video about this, I really suggest watching it, its not too long. And very entertaining and interesting to watch!

  26. For everyone wondering if it would cause a tsunami. Kurzgesagt did a video on this, and it is very interesting and a good watch. I really suggest you watch it!

  27. Heard it was actually an UAP. The extended video showed a submerging cigar shaped craft prior to this. It was time lapsed!

  28. I would like to point out, tests like these in the pacific resulted in generational suffering and displacement for hundreds of natives.

  29. It's fortunate that we humans have full control over wind and sea currents, otherwise this wouldn't be great for the environment.

  30. This is the reason we can't have nice things and also why no intelligent life would come here. We are the Hillbillies of Outer Space 🚀,, knuckle draggers in the extreme

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