1. i know this is unpopular but the only ween song i like is ocean man, i haven’t gone through their entire discography yet but i haven’t liked anything but ocean man

  2. I think Gotye caught a lot of people out. His album did great because everyone loved that “Somebody” song but his other music is very much unlike that one song. I know my parents got stung by it!

  3. Recently, this has been happening. I'm trying to create genre playlists that aren't popular songs but songs I actually dig and it's so tiring to sift through songs I don't jive with. Like, I know they're decent songs but just don't click with them.

  4. Thats when you force yourself to listen to all of their songs so you get the musical equivalent of Stockholm syndrome.

  5. Glad it's not just me. Not a single one of my friends likes my music and I've discovered that I've essentially conditioned myself to exclusively love a specific genre

  6. When I first heard DARE by Gorillaz I fell in love with it and ended up buying the Demon Days Album. It sounded completely different that what I expected and was disappointed at first, but I still tried to listen to it over and over again to get to DARE. Still remains to be my favorite band to this day because of that lol

  7. Me with Juice WRLD. My brain has now learned to filter out excessive autotune and somehow genuinely enjoys modern rap now.

  8. This was me with Kid Rock when I was in college. I liked Bawitaba, and convinced myself he was a great rapper. Then, when he did country, I stockholmed myself into liking that for like a whole 2 years before I mentally broke out of that nonsense.

  9. And that's the story how the Arctic Monkey Album Humbug brought me to Queens of the Stone Age

  10. yeah like idk 14 years ago i was in my apprenticeship and working alone wielding and cutting big water pipes i was alone my first time and they trustet me i can do it i was turning the raido really loud and was vibing to some radio and i heard a kylie minogue song and i was like damn thats a banger. i searched for it found it but the rest ofh er songs was not so much this good.. i checked the producer and it was calvin harris. checked him out he didnt had songs done for himself yet he just produced bangers after bangers for idfferent artists. was rly nice find

  11. This is generally good advice, although if a big producer makes one or two songs with a big artist, often the producer’s signature “touches” may be stifled.

  12. I did this one time, and found out all my favorite songs from like 2010-2013 were produced by Dr. Luke. I still feel dirty about it

  13. If this happens to you, look at who wrote the song, if it has the artists name and someone else, look at the someone else. There's a crappy loophole in the music industry called write a word get a third. Meaning, if the artist changes or adds a word to the song they get a 3rd of the writing credit.

  14. I’ve heard it’s helpful to check the producer too. They have a lot of influence over how the song sounds and that can carry over between multiple bands/singers.

  15. Or look at similar artists on Spotify etc that reference that particular song. Lots of times bands actually trap lightning in a bottle but usually their only good jam is one they ripped off of someone less well known.

  16. If you have Apple Music, scroll the bottom of the lyrics for that song and it will have who wrote it. Thanks for sharing this. I did know that was a thing

  17. Same thing when the opposite situation happens. Like when a singer you normally love has a song that is “terribly” or completely different from the majority of their songs. I automatically assume it was written/produced by someone else.

  18. Yeah. I listened to the New Radicals album after the Todd in the Shadows episode on it and realised why I liked those songs I never linked before.

  19. Lol. That was my mom when she discovered Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day. I popped in one of the CDs I had, and she couldn't make it through the first song.

  20. I mean I think it was a good addition to the album and then I believe the producer was the one who wanted to put in the strings part

  21. Was about to mention this song, you can tell they added the fuzzed out guitar on top of one of their regular songs in order to cash in on the "grunge" craze, but it works, that song punches hard!

  22. They have two other tracks that I found through gaming before Paralyzer. Good Times and Stay In Shadow. Maybe it's just Burnout and SSX nostalgia.

  23. That's the opposite for me. Paralyzer was my least favorite of their songs, but it was the only one the radio ever played.

  24. Just listened to that, felt like a Franz Ferdinand ripoff. I did like their song “Bones + Joints” back in the day. Haven’t thought of them in years though.

  25. I have a soft spot for that song because it was written about a club in my hometown. I liked Finger Eleven before they changed their name from Rainbow Butt Monkeys. Circles and Dananana were bops!

  26. OMG same. I fucking love Paralyzer and it was basically my theme song when it released. Bought the album and I didn't like any other song on the entire thing.

  27. I feel the same way about authors, but it’s so much worse when you’ve spent a few hours getting partway through a book only to realize it’s not getting any better.

  28. To be fair, Maroon 5 bamboozled a lot of people with how good their first album was. I was never as disappointed as I was with Maroon 5's music evolution.

  29. I kinda get it though. Songs About Jane is a really good pop rock album so whatever they made next would either have to be more of the same (tough to do and have it be better) or pick one of the genres and double down. With all of the good songwriting talent they have, a dude with a really strong pop voice, and pop being much more lucrative I'd probably do the exact same thing unless I was sure I had something really cool or important to say with rock.

  30. That's my entire music collection. People ask me what bands or artists I like and I'm like "I have no idea. I just like songs."

  31. Same, though this past year-and-a-half I’ve suddenly found artists I can say I like. Almost none of them are in the same genre, though, so I still can’t really answer the, “what kind of music do you like” question in a way people find satisfying.

  32. If you were lucky it was like the first or last track but they always put it in 3rd or next to last somewhere to make you fast forward or listen to their other songs

  33. Exactly. I remember my first time realizing this too. I walked to Waxie Maxie and bought “I am an Elastic Firecracker” by Tripping Daisy and maybe only liking one song (Piranha, maybe) that wasn’t “I got a girl.” I felt so ripped off when I played the cassette in my Radio Shack cassette player.

  34. It's the only other track from them I've heard, but Manhattan Skyline is great. It starts off pretty sappy, but kinda nice. Then it just hits like a truck after the first minute. It is a lot of build up but I enjoy it a lot.

  35. One of my favorite bands had a super unique sound and their first 2 albums fall into that rare category where I love every single track on them. Now they have a really low energy broody industrial vibe to them which isn't terrible, but it's not what I listen to them for.

  36. It is a shame. But maybe the band got bored of that first album’s style and wanted to evolve, wanted to do something else. Playing the same songs over and over and over again is soul sucking. Sometimes evolutions are beautiful like Radiohead. Sometimes they evolve into being a worse band. That said, I encourage evolution in the music industry. Nothing is worse than stagnation and a band putting out the same damn album over and over again. It’s not healthy for anyone.

  37. Usually every "perfect" album for me has 1-3 songs i skip. The others are just too good and has enough emotional significance for me to consider it perfect

  38. Kind of in the same vein, I love every single Silverchair album- yeah even Young Modern. So I was pretty excited when I found out that Daniel Johns had a solo album!

  39. I will always appreciate silverchair’s music- I even have lyrics from one of their songs tattooed on me. But I basically forgot about his solo album after it was released. Not quite sure what they were going for but it really didn’t click.

  40. I felt that way about nirvana and now the song I thought was their only good song is the only song i actively avoid so maybe just come back later and give them another shot

  41. See I’m the reverse. I liked all their stuff except drain you and now drain you is like my favorite song ever and I’m kinda meh on everything else by them.

  42. Def not the same for me. I liked Teen Spirit obviously was the first i've heard from them, and the deeper I went the more stuff I found that I liked. Then within the past 5-6 years I found another track that was apparently lost for awhile until a new collection was released, and that song is probably my favorite of theirs ever.

  43. Nirvana is one of those bands who you listen to now and wonder what all the hype is about, but you have to understand that context of when they came out and how it changed the landscape of music for their time.

  44. As a Nirvana Stan myself I also actively avoided Smells Like Teen Spirit for years. I'll blast that shit now that I'm 30 though. Idgaf. As long as I'm in the mood to listen to it. I have such "vast" music taste that It's like a revolving door of what I'm into or not.

  45. Just throwing this out there: A lot of people are saying this is a one-hit wonder thing but there are many popular, well-established bands that just have 1 or 2 songs that are more accessible or whatever than the rest of their discography. That doesn’t make them 1 hit wonders. For example, some people only know or like “My Girls” from Animal Collective or “Creep” by Radiohead or “1979” from Smashing Pumpkins but none of those are one-hit wonders- they’re just some of the more popular/accessible hits from those groups.

  46. Think you are misinterpreting the term 1 hit wonder in this context. Ppl are saying that its a "one hit wonder" because these artists have just 1 song that is really good that majority of ppl probably like but the rest of their songs don't even come close to that. That's true for alot them. Also its not even about hearing a popular song or a well known song, the same thing happens even when you find a artist you have never heard before and only 1 or 2 songs are way above their others.

  47. Worse yet, Spotify recommends songs/artists based on that artist's one single song you actually like. I often find myself thinking, "what the heck is playing in the back?" and then see "based on other artists you enjoy.

  48. At least I don't have to buy the CD before I figure this out anymore. I don't know how many times I spent $15 just so I could have one song.

  49. Well I bought Jamiroquai’s Traveling Without Moving back in the 90s because of Virtual Insanity, but it turns out that was a great purchase that led me to who is now one of my favorite bands!

  50. I bought Alien Ant Farm's 2nd album for the Smooth Criminal cover. Listened to it exclusively for like... a year? One day I accidentally forgot to set it on repeat and ended up hearing the rest. That album has some great songs. Movie, Attitude, and Wish amongst them.

  51. I recommend "The World at Large". Not an easy summer bop like Float On at all, but it's got very wanderlust energy like Float On. I feel like those two songs go together like yin and yang.

  52. MM's whole vibe is oscillating between melancholy and despair excepting Float On, the most optimistic song they've ever made and wouldn't you know it's their biggest hit.

  53. It hurts so bad! That feeling of excitement you get when finding a new song by a new artist then going to listen to their discography and each song steals your hope until finally you just act as if it never happened and listen to the new song with leas enthusiasm

  54. Just listen to it a few more times and by the 4th listen it’ll click instantly and now you’ll be hooked

  55. These days I’m really into the goth/darkwave genre so I just look for small record labels that I consistently like bands/songs from, it seems to work for me!

  56. People always says this because they’ve only ever heard “Blue”. Europop and Contact! are two full albums of bangers that largely get ignored

  57. Which is funny, because I bought that album because I liked "Blue" but it ended up being my least favorite song on that album.

  58. Back in the olden days of the 80s, you would have to shell out anywhere from $10-$12 to find out that the rest of the album sucks donkey balls. It was a massively risky time in music purchasing. Word-of-mouth from older siblings was key.

  59. I'm sorry, I can't listen to Uncle Kracker without picturing some 30 year old with a dadbod in a polo shirt grooving to it at a barbecue in 2001.

  60. Except Billy Joel. Find a Billy Joel sing you love and trust me there will be at least 4 others you love....because... so... many... songs.... to choose from.

  61. Folie à Deux is honestly one of my favorite albums ever from any band. I like other fall out boy songs, but the way the album presents itself as essentially one giant song is amazing and they’re all soooo good! That album is a masterpiece

  62. I also enjoy his normal higher singing, but goddamn I get goosebumps on that deep singing. Especially the slight lilting on “…standing honey”

  63. That is because a lot of artists don't write their own music. The artist is just there to "be hot and sell the product". The engineers, producers and actual songwriters are the ones doing the real work.

  64. Back in the 70s & 80s, I would hear a good song and have to buy the entire album (or cassette), only then to find out all their other music was crap.

  65. Oooof this one hurts. I love pretty much every song they've made since their third album. But they are the type of band that found what sound works for them and doubled down on that, so I can see why some people wouldn't like them.

  66. Ooof. The entire Torches album is fucking great and I love everything they've put out since. People who have only listened to Pumped up Kicks are seriously missing out, in my opinion.

  67. I feel insulted because Foster the People are by far the most talented groups out there in my opinion. Torches is such a brilliant album and Supermodel had so many great tracks and unique psychedlic melodies. Sacred Hearts Club had a few bangers but that was a bit more disappointing.

  68. Haven’t heard any of their other stuff outside of Sail and Kill Your Heroes (which is a personal favorite of mine).

  69. This is what I don’t get about people who say “oh I only listen to this artist” like really? Everyone puts out shitty work now and then you really like EVERY song they made?

  70. There is a lot of really good albums you can listen to all the way through out there. I have like 8 bands I can name that I like pretty much every song from.

  71. I knew a guy that only listened to bands with Slash in them. Literally one of the most disturbed individuals I have ever met and that was a big part of it.

  72. I’ve got multiple 5+ hour long playlists that are just one artist. Blue Oyster Cult, Smashing Pumpkins, Rush, Blur, The Strokes, Talking Heads, XTC.

  73. Yes to Stars, but for me the song is Your Ex-Lover is Dead. I’ve tried so much of their other stuff and can’t get into it, but that song just really does it for me

  74. Sometimes I find a song that I like, then check out their other songs and find songs I like even more. Then I hear the first song and I’m like “why did I like this song?”

  75. I really liked Celebrity Skin by Hole. Only to find out Billy Corgan worked on half the songs and that was mainly why.

  76. Back in my day when that happened, you had to hope it was released as a single. Otherwise, you had to wait for it to come on the radio, try to record it, and hope the DJ didn't talk over it.

  77. 90% of what I listen to. Love discovering new music, so just use radio feature on specific song to try and find something similar.

  78. Mfw when Not in Love by Crystal Castles doesn’t sound anything like their other work (because it’s a cover and ofc Robert Smith)

  79. Spotify’s discover weekly. I have found so many good songs. 99% of the time When checking the artist, there isn’t anything else I like. Still, I like finding new songs.

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