1. My wife and I are already married, but we're planning a second wedding about 10 years out because fuck the rules.

  2. Lol I had a sword made for my husband for Father’s Day. I asked him what his favourite saying was to have it engraved and he said “catch me outside”.

  3. Lesbian culture. People groups tend to develop trends. In 2022 it's a queer thing to say yas, but has nothing to do with being queer. Yaaas.

  4. Since this is at least second hand account, I ain't judging the people involved specifically, but sometimes thing thing is to flip the script by doing things considered excessively "masculine".

  5. Being from the isle of Lesbos. Apparently they make good ouzo. It would appear that a great poet from the island was a woman who really liked women.

  6. It's meant to illicit gay pride as if this doesn't trace its origins to the vikings. I texted 3 friends who are lesbians and none considered this a "lesbian thing".

  7. Middle ground: go the Kill La Kill route, use a pair of swords that can be combined into a giant pair of scissors!

  8. Damn. If I ever find someone I love enough to propose to, I'm gonna forge her a sword too. That's badass. Whose lamewagon idea was it to exchange rings? You can't stab someone with a ring!

  9. I'm not a lesbian but can I propose with a sword or other quality hand crafted weapon? Proposing with a rocket launcher would be pretty cool ngl

  10. this thread fucking sucks. this is a cute post and if the message you got from it was "lesbians are gatekeeping swords from us" then stfu. I get that non lesbians will not know about lesbian culture but its very easy to not entirely misinterpret an image.

  11. Well no ... theres is piles up on piles of lesbian media where there is badass lesbians with swords just bc you dont know where it comes from doesnt mean it comes from nothing mb next time actually know a bit about the topic before you prove your ignorance :)

  12. Cultural appropriation. Sword proposal is an awesome thing. Don't undermine it by claiming it for a subculture.

  13. Get over it, it is a society that we live in today, we do not know how much that these people feel about each other.

  14. Pretty sure the sword symbolizes bloodlust and the ring symbolizes the CERN Hadron Supercollider in Geneva Switzerland, but sure..

  15. Or or or… just let people do what they want with the people they love instead of going into a pseudoscience rant about shit that doesn’t matter?

  16. True but first of all why so offended ? its just fucking twitter and 2cnd of all its super common in lesbian media thats why people that consume that media would think its a lesbian thing ::

  17. I imagine the happy couple has at least one older female in the family who will ask if the one receiving the sword is the man in the relationship.

  18. That's like some straight up wonder woman and the Amazons stuff right there. Two warriors joined together in a bond stronger than any battlefield comrades could compare. A bond forged not just by blood, but by steel.

  19. that’s it im not gonna be proposed to or propose to someone else any other way only by sword. anyone at my wedding who objects can duel me on the spot

  20. Wouldn't say a sword is strictly lesbian, shoot I'd love to propose to my significant other with a sword if he wasnt already my fiance

  21. My girlfriend and I (albeit a straight couple) both agreed that an exchange of medieval weaponry is way more interesting than some bits of jewelry. “Swear your love for me by this sword, or may you fall upon it,” and so on. We’re also not much for wearing rings, so we figured a pair of “matrimonial swords” could go nicely on the mantle.

  22. That’s wonderful, do what works for y’all. Congrats, I wish you all a long and happy union. Marriage is beautiful…

  23. I wish I was her gf bro, why does nobody offers me a wedding sword, or even better a wedding full sized 4-8-0 steam locomotive

  24. I feel like there’s a joke waiting to be made about the phallic symbolism of a sword in some contexts, being applied to a lesbian proposal. But I lack the brain cells to make it work. It’s metal as fuck either way tho.

  25. I proposed to my fiance by using a sword. I didn't know this was a trend among us LGTBQ folks, I did it because when ia pagen and I figured it fit more into her beliefs than a ring XD

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