1. When people stopped asking me I one day realized “oh shit… people think I’m old”. after resenting it for my entire adult life, it kinda made me sad. 🤷‍♀️

  2. Came here to say this. Yall could have some nice vacations on others peoples expectations of you. lol

  3. That's what I would do. But if I'd feel like they're going to ask me, I would tell them that this Question costs a dollar, so either I don't have to answer that stupid question or I have a dollar

  4. Unethical life hack, next time they ask just say that you are pregnant, then tell them you had a miscarriage a few months later, they will feel uncomfortable ever bringing up having a kid with you

  5. Or tell them you're infertile and you can't afford fertility treatments but if they can contribute to your fertility fund (cash, Venmo, Zelle or GoFundMe all accepted!) you'll consider it. If they say to adopt, mention that's expensive too but agencies would never approve you anyway because of your criminal record. CONVERSATION OVER, WALK AWAY!!!

  6. That’s genious. I‘ll do that, the next time my grand parents ask me, if I still haven‘t changed my mind about not wanting kids. 🤭👍🏽

  7. Except if it gets them to tell you about an emotional experience they had as well, it would make things much more awkward.

  8. Tell me you've never been in a long-term relationship without telling me that you've never been in a long-term relationship.

  9. ...So whenever someone asks when they are going to have a baby they take their own money and put it in the jar?! seems like a lot of work to accomplish nothing.

  10. Slow clap on that one, like I still spawned but if I had a dollar for everytime both sets of parents mentioned it, kid would have nothing because we'd be driving a new escalade bitching about how cheap ps5s are and all the plebs got our second ones.

  11. I'm sorry but this is funny AF 🤣. People need to realize that not everyone on this Earth is meant to be a parent. Some of us just shouldn't 😂

  12. plot twist: the husband was storing his cum in it, and when she said "either come in me or me the jar" he ran away with the jar shrieking like a goblin.

  13. I have kids and no jar and so much money that I don't need to save any of it in a jar. Because I don't have a jar anyway.

  14. Imagine being 80 yrs old and instead of a big family u have a couple of extra cars or gucci bags to impress ppl u didnt even like

  15. I already have kids…..I can’t afford to put any money in a jar because it has to go to those freeloaders.

  16. Whenever someone asks me about that, I don't answer. I ask them how their pussy lips are doing. I ask them about their salary and their political affiliation. What about their relationship with Mohammed? When they pause I explain to them that I thought we were asking personal questions. They started it.

  17. They're not even hating in them. They're hating on people who constantly bug others about having children

  18. You‘re not hating children because you decide you don’t want any. I do like children and we usually get along pretty well. Still, I don‘t wanna commit to the time, money and other sacrifices a parent has to make. I‘ll gladly spend time with my niece and nephew and then be happy, when they leave with their parents at the end of the day.

  19. Ok is it just me or are these kind of people fucking obnoxious lol? Theyre worse than people with kids. Theyre the new vegans

  20. DINK life for life. If I did this I'd have to put $20+ in the jar after every family gathering. Coulda essentially had my family pay for my vasectomy

  21. We can easily bankrupt this couple by flooding their DMs with questions about having a baby and make them spend all their money.

  22. I started this just over a week ago! Decided to also add, “when are you guys going to get married?” (because we’re not) and up the ante to $5 every time someone asks us about babies or marriage.

  23. that's so cool. I love people like this. Guarantees their genes don't get passed on and further much up the gene pool. Enjoy oblivion.

  24. I can afford to properly care for my five pets (three cats, two small dogs) because I don't have kids and I never will. I LOVE my nephews....but I also love giving them back.

  25. Every time I see one of these memes I buy my kid a toy and then buy myself something too cause I'm a responsible parent who waited and planned when to have our child so I'm not a 20 year old with a shit job and no money.

  26. Selfish are the people who are having kids when they can't support, when they are mentally ill ,when they have hereditary disease. Selfish is someone who will have kids just because they want a smaller version if themselves. Selfish is someone who will have kids so that they look after them when they grow up .Selfish is someone who will bring kids into this messed-up world .Selfish is someone who will have kids just to please the society and their families.

  27. You better safe the money for the time when the woman starts hearing her biological clock and wants a kid suddenly 🤪

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