Steam sales be wild tho

  1. For anyone wondering what this is:- Its a steam system glitch with the game PES 2020 its not free its on sale for 9.99$ (50%) it shows free because of its lite version which is f2p with bad graphics and less features same thing with hitman 2 .Hope it helps

  2. I got doom, doom eternal, Wolfenstien 2, and dark souls 3 for like 60 dollars. It’s so good and I love it.

  3. nerd voice activated so now you see if you divide the price by 2 it becomes three and if you carry over the th to the invisible nowhere and add the f to the equation you get free.

  4. Wow, let me put my name on the meme I stole from 9gag. Im not going to even try to hide the watermark and when people call me out I’ll get mad!

  5. Dude a 9gag watermark was a sign of degeneracy within the 9gag community because 9gag watermarks were only on old posts on that app. You're telling me you busted out an old image from an old app to use on Reddit? Dude.

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