Let's be honest here

  1. Let’s really be honest here, there’s still ocs on Instagram and there’s still reposts on reddit. when it comes to memes I just prefer the layout, ui etc of reddit. the main reason I use reddit over Instagram for memes is that half the time you can scroll down into the comments on reddit and see one that’s twice as funny as the meme. it’s not like Reddit memes are funnier, it’s just that there is more personality and individuality of the people who choose to interact with them.

  2. Lol the Reddit overconfidence in a nutshell. Stole meme from 4chan and screen Twitter,and then say that

  3. Don’t forget the smaller train pulling the reddit train that’s made up of twitter screen shots, TikTok videos, 4chan memes, and slapping a stupid reaction meme onto another meme to avoid calling it a repost

  4. No, the meme community is not bound to one site. If you were truly a part of the community, you would know memes are made to be shared with anyone. If someone like Insta or Facebook more than Reddit, then the meme will be shared with them because they don't have a Reddit account. It is entirely because memes are universal is why they are popular.

  5. Let's be real, nothing really big has happened on Reddit to give the entire fucking internet an excuse to use "Reddit moment" as a self defense mechanism

  6. Too true, I went on Instagram for a bit and looked at their memes cause I was bored and had already scrolled through Reddit and it was all the same fricken stuff. That or really unfunny one that’s I would hope to never see on Reddit.

  7. this is not about team fortress 2. this is about j class 611 the BEST steam passenger steam locomotive ever made

  8. Yes I was so happy when I got reddit because before I relied on meme accounts on Instagram that only upload once or twice a day but now I have an endless supply of better memes

  9. I'm an equal opportunity meme lover. I love all memes rather their from instagram, fb, Google plus, reddit, pornhub, stepdaughtersonly.com, memes.com

  10. This is fucking bullshit. This is blatant platformism. All platforms have their original meme comunities and all platforms have reposts, a shit ton of reposts. Most of the good memes are reposts 95% of the time.

  11. No, its not. Reddit steals from both and from other places. And half the time nobody wants to steal memes from here cause they all suck

  12. yay another ego stroke for reddit users. every meme community has reposters and oc's, now some are undeniably bad i.e Facebook but the idea that reddit and reddit alone is pushing the meme community by themselves is just idiotic.

  13. This meme is so correct! You're absolutely doing nothing special because you're a worthless community (except for the non redditards who aren't hypocritical idiots u guys are cool)

  14. Reddit steals memes from 4chan and steals content from Twitter, tell me where in the fuck is reddit carrying the meme production?

  15. 4chan would like to have a word. I mean let's be honest with ourselves and stop the circle jerking for a moment

  16. As in the smaller train fucking derails and the people in there think they're contributing in any meaningful way

  17. im a new reddit user but i guess all good memes came from reddit,harlem shake and nyan cat didnt came from reddit but let me tell u those are hella funny

  18. I FEEL LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. To be fair we got reposters here on Reddit to...why must people steal someone else’s content without the original creator’s permission

  20. When you realize social media helps reddit so its like they are the wheels on the toy train. 4chan makes it reddit takes it fb ig and twitter all help spread the word. In reality reddit is the thread that ties both trains together fb ig and twitter are the little train.

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