Merry Christmas to all

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  2. Merry Christmas! It’s midnight in my country, so.. It’s already Christmas for me!!:) have a happy holiday

  3. My great great grandmother's rum n'nogs recipe. One shot of rum for every kid in the house followed by one shot of nog for every kid there is in the house

  4. Is it wrong that looking at Billy B santa my mind went to the bad karma I imagine raining on mine enemies? Still spreading good karma tho, I promise.

  5. I made ot to the bottom gave everyone an up vote except for the four people wanting down votes. Two of witch were successful, one was at zero, and the final person was at +ten. Merry Christmas all enjoy you karma

  6. Look, I know it's super uncool and all but it's really difficult to find out what this mf emoji means... So please, excuse my reddit flaws and inexperience because I'm a total noob and sucker here and point me towards some kind of enlightenment, thank you in advance!

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