Health care is too expensive for a small spider bite

  1. Golf ball? It's only quarter sized, and his veins would be dark red around it if there was venom. Definitely something that can wait until tomorrow. Winks in please-help-me-my-country-has-no-universal-health-care

  2. The US Healthcare system has nothing to do with Capitalism. When the Government instituted HMOs in the 70's is when healthcare prices started to skyrocket, and every other time the US government got involved. We don't have a true free market system. If we did, competition would drive prices down.

  3. To be fair he could just be Canadian and on the wait list. In fact he's still probably on that list, he should be seen in the next 2-14 years. Pretty fast turnover actually

  4. Well I could of gone to the DR for the 1/2 a nerf ball brown recluse bite on my leg but I didn't want to, didn't have anything to do with money. I drank a beer and ran a fever with a surprise high. After a day I ended up scoring my leg a little and using a straw and after several days it was fairly normal.

  5. With the after effects that happened to him the day after. He’ll probably regret it if he had a chance to go to the hospital.

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