Sheesh people just can't get the fact that the question is ambiguously written

  1. Remember people, when using PEMDAS, multiplication and division are done from left to right, even if M comes before D. Unless one of them is in a parentheses of course

  2. Damn, i didn't know there was a word for that, in my country we just call it "the order of solving equations"

  3. Wait, isn't it when a bracket (parentheses) is written directly next to a number it acts as a multiplication which comes before a division meaning 8/2(2x2) would be 8/2x4 then 8/8 which is 1... not 16 like everyone else keeps saying

  4. Multiplication and division ( division is just multiplying by a fraction of a number) are really the same thing so the order doesn't matter. Same with adding and subtracting. (Subtracting is just adding a negative number)

  5. 16 is the answer 8/2(2x2) you first multiply: 2x2=4 you then divide: 8/2=4 You’re left with: 4(4) which is basically 4x4 4x4=16

  6. 16 because when there's is a solution with PEMDAS Where multiplication and division got to go left to right which is why we divide first after you do the numbers in parentheses since it's the one first to the left Demonstration: 8/2(2x2) -> 8/2(4) this is where people think to use the distributive property and that's how they got 1 however it's technical a multiplication now so we go left meaning it'll be 4(4), 4*4, or 4x4 and that's how we get 16 Side note: I believe the distribute property can't mess up the order of the PEMDAS but I'm not entirely sure and it can't be distributed to a single number in the parentheses which I'm not sure of to also this can be a 1 however it'll need to be in a fraction form like 8 is the numerator and 2(2x2) is the denominator

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