At least I’m enjoying the ride

  1. Somehow there’s a messed up lesson here. Screw up your life together..but in unity, you reach your goal much much faster

  2. Mother: If all your friends chopped themselves off of a branch of a tree, would you chop yourself off of a branch of a tree?

  3. Take the metaphor a step further. Left guy fucks everyone's life. Right guy only fucks his own but he is doing it with more gusto. Which is worse?

  4. well you know what they say 'if you dont do something stupid when you're young you wont remember something funny when your old' assuming you live that long 😅

  5. The front two guys gotta follow the back guy and put all the force into their swings. It's much less efficient when you grip the axe higher up and utilize only your wrist

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