How do you say it

  1. I say it soft g, but I never judged anyone for doing it either way. I did get bullied by some guys about it, but I learned I’m saying it correctly by the creator of the words confirmation.

  2. It stands for graphics interchange format. Wouldnt it make more sense to pronounce it the way its said in the full name? Like, i aint that mad at it, it just hits the ear wrong.

  3. actually that's not how language works, the creator of a word barely gets any say how it's pronounced, or even spelled, but infact it is the community that decides these things, if one option is the majority pick, then that one is locked in

  4. I just say GIF unless I say GIF then I say GIF and if the person I’m talking to is Italian I say GIF (pronounced baguette)

  5. fuck this shit im just gonna say griff because it’s my nickname and i consider my mental well-being more important that this toxic waste pile of a debate

  6. I say GIF however the person I'm talking to says GIF, and if there's more than one person I avoid talking because that's too much for my social anxiety to handle.

  7. It stands for graphics interchange format, it should be pronounced as the words that make up the acronym are. So long as there is no grammatical rule requiring certain letter placements to be pronounced in a certain way.

  8. G next to I always sounds like a J with a vowel or soft consistent afterwards, aka Giant, Gin, Magic, but after a diphthong or a hard consistent it is a guttural G, Gift, Give. So f is a soft vowel and GIF is then pronounced /jif/ but if you say /ghif/ you are mistaken it for

  9. My hot take is this, if you have to alter the word itself to make it clear what pronunciation you are using, then it's wrong. So for saying it like Jif, you have to change the G to a J, but if you're saying it like Gif, then you just spell it, GIF. So gif is pronounced gif, with a G.

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