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  1. Beauty is subjective and it really doesn’t matter who wins, there is someone new every year anyway. Who tf cares about the opinions of a few Editors, who publish a magazine, that isn’t even worth the paper it was printed with, cause it’s full of useless information about pointless, irrelevant people and things.

  2. Nahhh there are objectively beautiful people and ugly people in the world. The guy in the left is way uglier than Henry Cavill and if someone says otherwise they are pretending

  3. Can we please fucking stop with these pathetic posts that look they were posted by edgy 10yr olds? Both men are handsome and good looking in their own ways. As an Asian American, it’s so easy to recognize the racist undertones in these kinds of posts that I already see so often online and in real life.

  4. I totally agree with this. I also think that even though someone has work done on their face it shouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. Both of these gentlemen are attractive, people shouldn't compare.

  5. Came to this post's comment section to find this comment and give it a like. Ranking and comparing people's attractiveness is disgusting. I get small dick energy from OP

  6. I love how these people talk like as if they actually look half as decent as these men in both pictures. There is a fine between having personal preferences, and being blatantly racist

  7. I hate the comments on these posts so much. Namjoon is such a nice guy and all these people slamming him for no reason is just so hurtful

  8. There might be racist stuff in a lot of these posts. But I wouldn't say that asian men necessarily have less facial features. The polished Ken doll look isn't naturally asian.

  9. I am not sure whether people genuinely dont understand that beauty standards across the world vary or this is just a joke, and at this point I am too afraid to ask

  10. You do realize that for every woman that like a Cavil, there is a woman who likes the other guy. Right? Just because you're attracted to Cavill, doesn't mean everyone would be.

  11. Well the collective consciousness of reddit would like to say "but what we think is what everyone thinks" or maybe Im just a bobo

  12. I mean dude on the left is not particularly special, but I have never been too keen on Cavil either. Haven’t we had enough of these memes?

  13. The one on the left has lips soft enough, that I want him to suck my dick. The daddy on the right is so sexy, it makes me want to suck his dick. There's the difference.

  14. Racism I think :/ also people don’t like seeing that other people can be attracted to “”effeminate”” guys (effeminate in quotes because namjoon is not the least bit effeminate)

  15. This has become incredibly pathetic. We had several different subs share a not even real result of a tc chandelier beauty or handsomness top list or whatever that hasn't even happened yet. And its not even real! And now with different pictures the some low effort post that fuels nothing but bullying. You shame a person on his looks, which he didn't ask for for a voting result that hasn't even happened and even if it didn't he still wouldn't have asked for this position. So pathetic! Low, utterly low!

  16. Can you guys quit being (honestly borderline racist) dramatic and just accept plenty of women out there just prefer "pretty boys" over guys that fit the traditional western idea of "masculine" and "handsome" (quick disclaimer: personally I think both of these guys look fine ig - they both look good just in different ways. Would I date either of them though? Yeah no.)

  17. all those racist man with their toxic masculinity in the replies lmaooo yall are pathetic both of them are handsome

  18. I will never understand why people love shaming those for being riddled with plastic surgery when the person they’re shaming has never gotten plastic surgery lol

  19. A single rhinoplasty? Fixing his nose so he can breathe correctly from a deviated septum is more plastic than the ocean?

  20. They took an airbrushed pic of the asian guy and a "woke up 5 mins ago" of cavill. No Wonder the asian dude won

  21. I feel bad for the dude on the right. He probably didn't ask for this designation, and now the internet has just latched onto this for some reason. And a guarantee you Henry Cavil isn't on board with this either.

  22. Pic with makeup and poses and good lighting vs random selfie from a man who just got out of bed. The comparison isn’t even fair how about get a better pic of him

  23. if you have ever seen a group of kpop fans, you'll know how irritating and dumb they are (well if you are above a certain maturity level). and wtf is that asian dude sucking on , a lollypop? not all girls are this dumb though but that percentage is decreasing.

  24. Ive seen alot of memes about this buts its obvious its not real right? ITS FAKE RIGHT??? Edit: 100% fake Ryan Reynolds isnt even top 10

  25. No homo but Henry is a beautiful ass man, if I were a foot or two taller perhaps I would aspire to look like him.

  26. Okay, handsomeness is relatively and you can compare an Asian guy to European or African or American. As a middle Eastern I'll choose the guy in the right

  27. Normally I’d say people don’t understand the male vs female gaze, but Henry Cavill is a kind sweetheart just like Namjoon. Both are good. Both are great.

  28. Both are very good looking... but the one in the right is on time to raid, brings potions, has world buffs and doesn’t log off when summons are going on. Idc how you look, help the raid.

  29. Reddit has really pissed me off today. I never expected to see some insecure incel shit like this again. This sub has deteriorated

  30. This guy is definitely a attractive man, but I don't think "handsome" is the right word to describe him. "Beautiful" or "Pretty" work much better. Dude on the right is not as good looking but much more handsome... or maybe I am wrong and the word handsome doesn't mean what it used to. Words change.

  31. I came back to this post after a couple days cuz I got notified about upvotes on my previous comment. And after reading other comments, holy shit reddit has become so sensitive. I genuinely do not understand how anyone can be so easily offended by things. Paper thin skin on these kids.

  32. I will not prefer any of the two. The first one is a cringe eboy. The second one is too old and not all that awesome. Like, at that age I shouldn't even choose one of the two.

  33. i'd rather put bleach in my eye than look at the face on the left , its visual torture ... thank god Henry, it eases the mind. he's also a gamer B|

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