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  1. It started out with people making fun of how boring Ohio is but eventually evolved into Ohio being some kind of portal to hell or something

  2. People say ohio is boring but forget about Indiana. Their state motto is literally "the crossroads of america". They are famous for being driven through on the way to other places.

  3. It started for me with the guy that released the exotic animals and then killed himself and the guy in Cleveland who kept the 3 girls captive for year. It was a whole lot to unpack in a short period. So, fuck weird ass Ohio.

  4. As someone who has lived in Alabama for the entirety of their 29 year life I would like to propose making Alabama the new Ohio. Go on, you know you wanna make some inbred jokes only they can't be jokes if they're true, right? Someone please fucking rescue me.

  5. Doesn’t Ohio have a cool rollercoaster theme park or something? I’m sure there’s plenty of other states more boring than it especially around the Midwest or south

  6. I had to recently drive through Ohio to get home from being up I new York and every state I drove through felt quick but Ohio I felt like I was there for an eternity

  7. I listen to some crytid podcasts and it's actually surprising how many of the creatures/events they cover come from the Ohio River Valley area. So there might be a portal somewhere for all we know.

  8. More history for those not from the US: Ohio and Michigan originally had a territorial dispute over a region called Toledo that actually led to a war. As a compromise Michigan got an entire swarth of land known as the upper peninsula which is the size of a state in itself, and Ohio got Toledo on its crooked boundary line.

  9. This is why they have the most astronauts. Living in Ohio, apparently it’s not enough to just leave Ohio, they want off the planet.

  10. I'm from Ohio, and this was my explanation for why Ohio is home to the most astronauts and presidents. It's just the most talented of our lot doing their damnest to get as far away from Ohio as possible.

  11. I took a guy on a date to Detroit once. He was from Ohio. He was amazed by the city. We entered in some random shoe store & he was complimenting the owner on some of his products & he mentioned how it was his first time in Michigan and Detroit. The owner asked where he was from & to which my date replied with, “Ohio.”

  12. That's not uncommon for Michiganders to say at all. That's as common in Michigan as pointing to your hand when people ask where you're from in MI. Ohio hates Michigan too. I grew up in Ohio and went to college in Michigan so I got it from both sides.

  13. Yeah. Unless you live in a major city in Ohio. Shit is simple af. Went to California and was amazed to see a two story target.

  14. I honestly love that people think this about New Jersey just because the part near NYC is miserable. There are gorgeous parts of NJ, both forest / hills and beachside. But Jersey shore and the industrial stuff is all anyone knows.

  15. As an Ohioan, I want to know how Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri have managed to avoid the bland Midwestern accusations...

  16. as an Ohioan I can fully agree, there's about as many interesting things as there would be in an empty field

  17. Michigan and Ohio once went to war against each other sometime in the 1800's, Michigan ended up getting the Upper Peninsula, and Ohio got the Toledo Strip. I think that's part of the ill will at least Michiganders have for them (and the dislike is real, trust me)

  18. Only the western half. Eastern half you can lose an entire town going up a hill. Speaking of hills, everything east of 71 is built on a hill.

  19. Ohio is like that one little cousin tht you only see at thanks giving that microwaved his cat when he was 4 to see what would happen that now everyone is afraid of because his mom gave him a knife, and he has learned how to summon Satan himself. But if you get to know him he is just kinda boring to be around

  20. The mystical legend of Ohio has been a well-kept secret for a while, but recently there has been leaked footage of the true horrors of Ohio. People who claim it is just a meme have been trying to cover it back up, but I believe everyone deserves to know the truth about Ohio, beware, non-American, because if you dare forge there, what you see cannot be unseen. Godspeed.

  21. People memed the state probably because it’s “boring” and then that lead to lots of unfunny jokes and lot of genuine Ohio haters getting support from idiots that go along with the joke. I really just don’t want people from across the world to think of my beloved state as the hole from hell 😭

  22. So I've been to every state but 6, and I can tell you the reason we make fun of Ohio is because it is a perfect mediocrity. My ex girlfriend was from Cincinnati and over the course of that relationship I went to every corner of Ohio and saw everything passing for a city. Ohio in essence has nothing to offer that some other state cannot do better, and the demographics of the state make it a pretty decent stand-in for the nation as a whole. There are urban, suburban, and rural areas with substantial populations and a mix of Democrats and Republicans. The cuisine is bland, the landscape is uninspiring, and it manages to be both hot and humid in the summer AND cold and wet in the winter.

  23. Meh me as an Ohioan it isn't so bad. Except for the meth, coke, heroin, racists, gun violence, freezing weather, winds that destroy house, tornados, heat waves, corrupt police, poor education system, and the far left and far right who can't shut the hell up about the stuff they disagree on. It's a beautiful place.

  24. Ohio is the most average state. The most generic state. That gave it a reputation for being boring AND made it a target for everything people find wrong with America as a whole

  25. Bro I'm American and I don't understand those memes too. It was Florida one day and then it change to Ohio? Tf is going on???

  26. Ohio is a bit of an enigma of a state tbh. It’s too north to be the south, but has a lot of southern stuff about it - lots of Christian/creationists, lots of poor whites, less educated, huge into college football. It’s too East to be Midwest, but has a lot of Midwest stuff about it - farms, less educated, poor whites. It has a number of big cities, but all of their big cities are ass - like shitty versions of Philadelphia or Memphis.

  27. What do Non-Americans think of American states? In my estimation it’s sort of like European countries, but we all speak the same language and have weird state specific quirks, dialects, and sometimes accents.

  28. Bruh, I’m from Minnesota and I still don’t get it. I mean I kinda do, about how boring and shit Ohio is, but to that I say North Dakota

  29. That’s the funny thing about America. We don’t know what the hel os going on in any state. Think of it like each state is a difference country got all you non Americans. With that being said it’s funny because Ohio is in the mid west and but fuk nowhere so we all say they do crazy and abnormal shit

  30. America’s a big place. Lived here my whole life never been to Ohio and I bet that goes for most Americans. They probably understand the joke just as well tbh. In that the joke is to pretend Ohio is some post apocalyptic center of chaos.

  31. Believe it or not this place is not actually a shit hole and the majority of us don’t hate it here, it’s not anymore awful than any other state

  32. It's just a stupid meme. Ohio is fine. Especially compared to a real shit hole state like Mississippi.

  33. Think of a cryptid, like bigfoot. Ohio is a cryptid that is an entire state; enough correlating encounters to suggest that something like it may exist, but not enough evidence to rationally prove it.

  34. Ohioan here. I don’t get it either. We’re just your average shitty midwestern state. We got a couple cool stuff, but everyone just wants to leave

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