Finest dining in Memphis that isn’t a steakhouse?

  1. I’d say was fantastic, unfortunately. Last 2 times I was there (over the last couple of months) the servers left off ordered items, apps came out after entrees, and medium rare cuts were served well done. It might have just been my bad luck, twice in a row, but it will likely be a while before I go back. Which is a shame, because it used to be right near the top of my list.

  2. One I haven’t seen mentioned yet is Catherine & Mary’s on South Main. Delicious Italian food with a great wine selection and very nice ambiance. My fiancé and I went there for our anniversary and we loved it.

  3. Restaurant Iris. Currently closed while they relocate to East Memphis from Midtown, but they serve some truly amazing French food in a very upscale atmosphere.

  4. While I love BB, I think Villa Castrioti is better overall. The service there has always been amazing for me and I've never gotten bad food there, plus the prices are more reasonable.

  5. The Beauty Shop is probably the finest dining experience in Memphis - at least as far as modern food goes. This isn’t stuffy white table cloth nonsense, but really good, interesting food. I’ve had numerous incredible meals there. It’s the kind of place where you go with a 2-3 other people and order several apps, a salad or two, and maybe a couple entree to share and let the server course it out. The vibe is chill, drinks are good, but from a food and dining experience, I’d say it’s the finest dining.

  6. 1000%. Very fun and electric atmosphere that is raised to a different level once the food comes out. I could do a whole meal on their apps alone. Their brunch is divine, too!

  7. And try a non-basic ice cream there! I did the olive oil basil ice cream and my god was that a good finisher to the ramen they serve. I've never had a bad dish, and their watermelon wings are to die for.

  8. Yes! This is my wife and my's go-to spot when we're celebrating something special. It's pricey, but so worth it!

  9. To all the people who complain about Dory’s portion sizes. If you want quantity over quality, there are local feed stores that can hook you up. Saying “I had to go to Wendy’s afterwards” isn’t the flex you think it is.

  10. Horn of Africa on Avon just north of Summer Avenue. Ethiopian food. Better than Abyssinia by far, and probably the best restaurant I’ve been to in a while! Really delicious, not expensive, just ….. YES.

  11. Zen Japanese Fine Cuisine is upscale and probably the highest quality sushi option in town... very comprehensive nigiri menu, and nice fusiony entrees.

  12. Echo, it’s a nice Italian place. However I got the full portion of the lobster ravioli and I was still hungry. So if you get that then the other person needs to get a bigger meal like the seafood pasta to kinda share. I did enjoy their cocktails too

  13. Any of the A/M Restaurant Group places are great. Andrew Michael, Hog & Hominy and Bishop are fantastic. Lot’s of folks are saying Dory, and personal taste obviously plays a role here. To me, though, Dory’s food was more beautiful than it was delicious. I’d take a plate of sweet breads from Hog & Hominy over anything we had at Dory.

  14. Flight Restaurant and Andrew Michael Kitchen are our favorites. Itta Bena and Majestic Grill are a half-step below fine dining but are the best food for money value. Great food at all those places.

  15. Bounty on Broad for dinner! it’s close to fine dining, fresh farm to table and local ingredients, gluten free, and eclectic inspiration for each menu item from several different cuisines around the world.

  16. Andrew Michael’s has two dinners one is a No Menu night where they pick the 4 seasonal courses and match with a wine. The other is a Pasta Monday night that’s all different pasta servings. Going this Monday night.

  17. The newest fine dining is “Noun and Noun.” It’s upscale American, with a Southern twist! They also have craft cocktails.

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