GAMEDAY THREAD - Your Memphis Grizzlies (55-23) play on the road against the Utah Jazz (46-32) at 8:00 PM central time

  1. Relax guys we can't win em all. And we already secured the 2nd seed even if we lose all of our remaining games. This is just experimenting on Jenks part.

  2. Utah had more fast break points and points in the paint than us. And we still went to OT. Pretty good for me

  3. Stop with the stupid takes. They had an off night against a team already in playoff mode, without 2 of their best players and were a Tyus made floater away from a win

  4. You're right. A lot of clowns in here lately. We are starting to see who the fair weather fans are in here with this ridiculous hot takes, stirring shit up and being melodramatic lol.

  5. It’s so frustrating to watch him just throw up gross brick after brick. He does so much good but he is NOT that guy in the clutch on offense

  6. Yeah I think they ran out of gas. Love the effort by everyone tonight and it'll come up big when the playoffs start.

  7. The shots by Jaren were fine honestly. He got us to OT with the same shots and we need him to get as many game 3s up as possible bc that’s the shot he’s going to be forced to take sometimes in the playoffs. There also wasn’t much movement around him when he had the ball. I’ll take a miss on mostly open shots.

  8. Imo I feel like whenever JJJ shoots a 3, he should be a lil further back from the line since he's leaning forward with his shot

  9. Great question. I’m hoping they don’t put Tyus back out tho, decision making has been pretty poor the last half

  10. Damn, Tyus just rushed that. Regardless of what happens next, love the fight they played with tonight even if the execution wasn’t there

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