Need opinions on how this tuxedo fits. Worried that the pants are too short

  1. Personally, I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to formal wear, so when you are dealing with a tuxedo I believe that your pants should be hemmed traditionally with one break at the ankle and worn with highly polished leather shoes and definitely with socks. If it were just a regular suit or a dinner jacket or whatever then I say the length of the pants are fine. I do agree with what the others are saying about the shoes exposing too much of the top of your foot however. Looks like the jacket fits perfectly.

  2. Personally I think the pants need a little bit more length. Maybe it looks off because of the shoes. Considering a tuxedo is about as formal as you can get, next to white tie, I'd say a little pant break is more along the classic lines. Everything else looks great, just grab yourself some black shiny lace ups and black socks and you'll be golden.

  3. I work in menswear (UK) and I see this look fairly often. The trousers look fine to me because you wear them shorter (like in pic) if you're wearing loafers. If you changed your shoes to formal lace-ups they would definitely need to be longer, either just sitting on top of the shoe or with a slight break.

  4. I love zero break trousers, but I gotta agree with others, it's a bit too short. when you sit, those suckers are gunna ride wayyyy up.

  5. Length of the pant is fine but I wouldn’t pair with those shoes. The shoes are exposing so much of the top of your foot that it makes the pants look short. Find a lace up shoe to wear with a sock. Match the black socks to the black of the suit. That way if the pants ride up a bit more than you’d like to (for instance when sitting) then the socks will help keep the pants from looking very short.

  6. This one. Yes. It’s the shoe that’s making it look off. Length is fine, although not traditional. But that works for some people. Looks like it will work for you if that’s your style. Just swap the shoe.

  7. I bought these as tuxedo shoes. I don’t like patent leather. Since people say get different shoes, what should I get?

  8. Looks great as is, just wear it confidently. If people say something just have a cheerful but dismissive one liner ready and let them know you’re aware of your pants fit and like them. “Like that huh?” “Thanks for noticing,’o appreciate that”. If anyone hits your with a wears the flood just tell them that in the event you had predilection of a flood you would not have chosen to wear a tuxedo at all.

  9. These are way too short your going to look like your wearing breeches when you sit, what’s your occasion, I can’t think of a time when it is formal enough for a tux but casual enough to go no socks

  10. I would say that you keep everything but change the shoes for literally anything other than loafers or put some black socks on with them, no offence. Otherwise, looks amazing

  11. I would say the pants need to be a fraction longer. I would also say a nice pair of colored socks, maybe red, would look nice but if the pants are too short it’s going to look really short when you sit down.

  12. The pants look great the fit and the length it throws a little modern twist on a formal tux which I personally like. Like a few of the other comments. The shoe is definitely throwing it off. Get something that covers more of thr front of your foot. And have skin showing by the ankle not the top of your foot. Overall looks great!

  13. I saw the pic before I read the title, and I noticed how short they are. So yeah, that's a problem. If anything stands out that much without intending to, then the outfit doesn't work.

  14. Pants would be okay with some solid colors dress socks, preferably something lighter so that the pants blend with the socks and look a bit longer. IMO i don’t think you should wear a tux without socks but if you do I think longer pant legs would help out a little bit. The deep contrast between your feet and pants are making them look shorter than they actually are.

  15. Thanks guys! I’ll get them lengthened an bit. The plan was always to add socks! The shoes are velvet tuxedo shoes and I really don’t like parent leather (plus I don’t want to buy a pair of nice $800 tie shoes) so hopefully it works out!

  16. Check out (now owned by Gentleman's Gazette???), a lot of good information on history and current black and white tie, although all fairly traditional of course...

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