1. Don’t forget the author of the MGS4 Novel. Project Itoh was a huge fan before he passed away. He even showed Itoh a few early scenes and pieces of MGSPW before it released. Sad he didn’t get to play it, though…

  2. While doing soundtrack work I’ve spoken to a guy who was the head from a relatively small dev who was involved in a few staff trades around the time Rising was in development. He said he met Kojima a couple of times, nothing major just passively or them both attending the same meeting etc, and said he is just straight up weird in person. Like not even in a funny way, just ‘odd’. Also quite stubborn and difficult, as some staff who worked directly under him that he had now hired had allegedly complained to others that he would often just have a random leftfield idea and insist it was now a priority, which meant work needed to be scrapped to accommodate this new idea he just had. So as far as I know, this tweet checks out.

  3. It's rare to see the general impression of a famous person as being spot on. Weird? Check. Stubborn? Check. Difficult? Check and double check.

  4. The fact that he came up with the plot of Death Stranding kinda seals the deal regarding his weirdness.

  5. The thing that bothers me most about this is that Kojima is LITERALLY a westaboo, to the point that it arguably hurt some of his games(Namely MGSV)

  6. He was prolly just messing with the guy. He might've even been slightly happy inside to meet a foreigner who appreciates his own culture. Hell, he prolly meets people like that everyday.

  7. Is he? I mean he's a big shot director in the video game world. Not wanting to defend him if he actually is an asshole in the same way some Hollywood directors mistreat staff and so on

  8. Ehh the games already take the best parts of anime and leaves the worst parts, well mostly... Paz got very uncomfortable in some of those tapes

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