Please read this I need help

  1. I came here for the same reason to learn my mom has 2 jobs and is never home and don’t feed us using my grandma for her money while we Starve if just say survive until you can move out

  2. Depending on if you're an adultish person you're gonna wanna babysit them or they may well do something insane/terrible/hurt them selves/embarass themselves

  3. Shit man this is an awful situation you're going through but you came to the wrong place for help. You received some good advice on this thread so go through with that but most people on here are methheads themselves man these people telling you to just tell your parents to sleep or some shit or to confront them outright haven't ever been on the receiving end of this shit and just haven't ruined their lives yet. Stay safe man I hope you make it through and be better than your parents were.

  4. idk it sounds to me like you already know the answer to your own question. first part is speculation that sounds a lot like meth, and then the second part should tell you that it is meth. you literally saw it. if not meth, you know its some type of drug that probably keeps them awake to where they start hallucinating shit. which at that point, it doesn’t even really matter if it is or isn’t meth. my advice would to be to GTFO. if you have other family you can go stay with then do so. if not, then maybe for a bit you should try staying over at different friends houses as much as possible. do not confront them about it unless they become suddenly normal/sober again. even then, carefully bring it up. if they get worse and you have no where to go, your final option would to be going to a counselor at school and having them get you out of there. not sure how old you are or if you’re even in school, but you may have to tough it out a few years in foster care until you graduate if you have no other places to live. also stop taking benadryl and any other addictive drugs you may be taking. this disease is genetic, and unless you wanna end up like your parents, stuck in complete hell, then i advise you to stop doing dumb shit like benadryl. don’t even think about trying some meth. it will fuck your soul until you have no soul left.

  5. They are grown, so leave them alone… if the bug issue is aggravating you, look at them the next time the bring it up, and ask them point blank. “ are y’all on drugs?”

  6. Get by a baggy with some rock candy. Then show it to them and say hey u drop this outside. See what they say. If they take it then they're using either meth or cocaine. If u can't think of anything fuck it. Intervention time!!!!

  7. my dad n step mom been using for yearsssss, i used to get mad about it, then i started using and now i understand why they don’t wanna quit🤷🏻‍♂️. you can’t make anyone do anything, if they don’t wanna stop, nothing you say or do is gonna convince them to quit.

  8. Get a baggy and put some rock salt in it. Go to your parents and say , "you can try mine if you let me try yours" if that doesn't scare them out of using, they don't love you

  9. My advice is to confront your parents and blatantly say ‘are you taking meth?’. It’s the only way. Then say ‘can I have some? If you don’t give me some, i’m telling social services’. Good luck and enjoy the free meth.

  10. Just a quick point, it might not be meth if they're snorting a white powder, it also should be noted that these side affects aren't unique to meth, and could occur from abuse of most stimulant based drugs. For a variety of social reasons, and the fact it's one of the most powerful stims means it's most associated with meth

  11. yes, it does sound like meth. many drugs come in white powder, but meth is the most common one that will cause the symptoms u mentioned above. the symptoms are actually mostly caused by sleep deprivation and can happen on any stimulant, but meth is long-lasting and is notorious for keeping people up for a solid 10-24 hours depending on the dose and tolerance. when a stimulant is wearing off (especially at a high dose), the user will often experience an unpleasant feeling known as a “comedown.” to avoid this unpleasant feeling, users will often take more of the stimulant, not thinking about the reality that this means another night with no sleep. if the next crash comes when they need to be awake, they might redose again, which perpetuates a cycle of sleep deprivation that leads to temporary psychosis

  12. depending on how erratic your parents are emotionally the best decision might be to confront them lovingly with the intention of getting help. meth is devious because unlike downers you can actually function in society well, maybe even “better” than if you are sober. until you get to the point where your parents are at, where you haven’t slept in days and you’re in a state of psychosis. what your parents need immediately is sleep.

  13. Ummm idk what all other ppl are saying but sounds like your a minor which means you kinda need your parents around best to suggest to them to get some rest once in a while it's all due to exhaustion literally if they got sleep atleast once every other day they wouldn't have those symptoms it's pretty basic shit dude and real men keep things within the household and don't put that sort of business out there to other kinfolk or family that's atleast how things used to be sure reddit is the safe bet for info so other then that I've got nothing if your spill the beans to a friend or family member who's to say your parents won't be even more fucked cuz you opened your mouth and they have more shit on their plate like authorities or family and friends pressuring them to do something or else were calling the cops, they don't sound perfect but just don't make it harder on them and try to see it from the perspective they may have minus the crazy delusional shit but suggesting sleep and tlc is really going to save them 100% dude basic af but true af too

  14. Bro this is a scared child. They are gonna ask questions. Stfu, and learn how to use punctuation. Reading that big ass fucked. up paragraph aint helping nobody

  15. I'm sorry you have to deal with this situation hun. My parents used meth in the past too, for many years. my Mom had been in a minor psychosis. She was worried about the people in the front yard, but no one was there. I knew it was the meth tho and I was 18. But i was still stressed and extremely saddend to see my parents like that. I can't imagine dealing with this at ur age. I would consider reaching out to someone that you know and trust, talk with them about the situation. You should not have to deal with this by urself. Good luck. And if you need someone to talk to you can DM me.

  16. I would just announce an impromptu “family talk” and ask em yourself with all the info you gathered and share your feelings about it. Thats just me tho

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