Best draft pick from each round in Miami Dolphins history

  1. TIL: The Miami Dolphins drafted Joe Theismann in the 4th round, but couldn't reach a deal so he went to play in Canada. The Redskins obtained the rights for him in exchange for a 1st round pick.

  2. Duper had 0 receptions his rookie season and wound up being an all-pro. So if Holland was one of the top safeties in the league as a rookie, extrapolating that out based on Dupers career I think it is safe to say he will be the greatest player in NFL history.

  3. This has always been very clear cut. Only a few rounds are debatable. Fortunately I still have an excellent memory and have followed basically from the beginning. As always I feel bad for fans who didn't experience and savor the glory years. Everything subsequent has felt like an insulting parody:

  4. Not sure how Randy McMicheal makes this list unless it’s written by a kid who grew up during that time period. The article literally name drops Dellenbach who is one of the best OL we have ever had.. not worth the read..

  5. I wrote the article. Dellenbach was certainly considered as the article states. But he was a starter in just 4 of his 10 seasons while McMichael started and played in every single game for 5 years. Tough choice, but there was plenty of consideration. Thanks for reading.

  6. Just because you disagree with one of the seven choices you say it’s not worth reading? Lol. I’d pick Dellenbach too, but the other choices are fairly defendable.

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