Can anyone help identify this issue? It’s spreading!

  1. The droplet pattern and the irregularity of it, combined with being alongside a chain link fence onto a green-looking-space leads me to wonder if something was sprayed and got on your plant.

  2. Could be but wouldn’t they be more prevalent on top leaves? It’s working upward. Hints at something systemic, probably not rain or spray.

  3. I was thinking maybe droplets magnifying and burning. Or reflections off something damaging them, are there any wild disco balls near by?

  4. It's either not enough nitrogen or too much nitrogen. Either way it's not getting the exact amount of nitrogen needed

  5. Idk how to make a nice link here, but I found something called zonate spot disease/zonate leaf spot that looks much like this.

  6. Nice researching! I think you are right. Perhaps it might even be that particular disease along with a nutrient deficiency. That would cover both the yellow leaf and that distinctive ring pattern of the leaf spot.

  7. This looks like Septoria leaf spot. Looks like pruning the affected area is best course of action. And not propagate that plant any further.

  8. I’ve never seen septoria cause spots like that on cannabis, but I always cut that shit back as soon as it looks diseased. Def seen it spot in other leaves (mostly grasses TBH which is weird)

  9. I don't think it's septoria. The rings aren't right. Only thing I can think of is water droplet sun damage combined with a deficiency, but that's just a pure guess.

  10. A little background- there are three plants in a row, this one is in the middle and the only one affected. Leaves with spots go from green to yellow in just a couple days. Very healthy and well fed before this with hardly any yellowing of leaves


  12. It’s bacterial leaf spot. If the circles were perfect, it would most likely be a fungus, but with the irregular edges I have to say it’s bacterial.

  13. Interesting take. Tell me, which bacterium causes concentric ‘ring-in-ring’ symptoms in leaf tissue? I’ve done extensive research in bacteria and I’ve never come across any bacteria that produces symptoms like that. I’d love to know what makes you so sure?

  14. Bacterial blight grows in splotches not rings so it definitely not that. The rings indicate ring/leafspot it’s got a lot going on, usually when I see ring spots like this it’s on trees that have become hosts for many species of insects. It’s a combo of a deficiency from the insects and a fungal infection.

  15. Update- I’ve ruled out almost all of these suggestions (thanks for the comments!) except for ringspot (which I can’t find too much on it) and septoria ( most images don’t match up to what I’m seeing exactly) I’ll treat it as septoria and remove the affected leaves and separate from the other plants. I’ll keep you all updated

  16. It’s either Corynespora cassiicola or Alternaria linariae. It’s not septoria. It’s not bacteria. It may or may not be due to a cal/mag deficiency. There are too many factors at play for any of these goof balls on this thread to determine why your plant succumbed to this infection.

  17. Slugs? Recently I've been having a problem with those sticky pests too. They tend to check my profile for yummy intel on me... but they don't even have a clue who I am.

  18. Definitely some kind of fungus. Look at fungi that cause Septoria and Blight. Can produce similar looking spots in various colours (inc. grey, brown, black). Leaves go yellow with Septoria. All seems similar to me. So definitely a fungi.

  19. Gotta be a fungus. Looks like macro deficiencies lead to your plant being susceptible to this fungus. N for sure by the light colored leaves, and phosphorus is the “immunity” nutrient (helps with defense signals, etc) so with the fungus and other signs, I think that’s deficient as well.

  20. Too much N can end up causing root rot and yellowing leaves as well. Only had it happen once but I think it was the top that yellowed first. I needed to repot and freshen the soil/less. It came back well and also did not have those spots. So maybe a combo like you said.

  21. Maybe if the raindrop stayed on the leaf in the direct sun, and magnifying the burn? I know that’s a very long shot haha

  22. Looks like light-burn from water droplets sitting on leaves. However, I am a newbie who has not grown outdoors. Pretty wild issue. Almost looks like you prodded the leaf with a hot rod and then plucked it

  23. Looks like it could be a bacterial infection. It might be able to take hold due to those leaves being a bit unhealthy, looks like nitrogen deficiency. I would prune off any infected leaves and try to increase the nitrogen.

  24. Have you been misting/watering, or has there Been mist on morning? Looks like some kind of Water drops that Evaporated away.

  25. Some sort of virus. The only way to determine the virus is to send a leaf sample off to a lab. You can buy Agdia test strips for $200; I doubt that, or you can just watch your crop slowly succumb to the pathogen. Sorry bud.

  26. Looks like tomato spotted wilt virus because of the concentric rings. But I have no idea if weed can get it. It’s not limited to just tomatoes though.

  27. i’m not entirely sure but i’d chop ALL infected parts of the plant and feed it. it stops infection and the plant will probably able to recover. don’t take this as a fact that it’ll work tho 🤣

  28. It’s none of the above . It’s leaf Septoria not blight .. Cease is a good product . Or a microbial tea foliar .. You have to out compete the bad bacteria with the good microbials

  29. Do the dying leaves develop spots as they go? Has it been excessively wet where you are?? Someone in my local homegrow group posted an article about something called leaf septoria that was doing something similar to my outdoor plants.

  30. Sorry to hear about this issue, “growth-deterring leaf septoria. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to identify. If your plant is infected, you’ll find yellow leaves with brown spots on the lower areas first.” Check this link, hope it helps you

  31. The plant looks pretty healthy to be honest, probably just balancing her nutrients. Maybe taking magnesium or something out of its old leaves along with nitrogen which is making them yellow too.

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