Say it aint so, I think I have a new trigger

  1. Just to add to it, alcohol in general can be a trigger for people. It's one for me, and I had to eventually give up alcohol. Red Wine was the worst of the alcohols though for me.

  2. Red wine always clogs my sinuses, which leads to migraine for me. I stopped drinking alchohol altogether about 4 years ago. It's definitely led to fewer migraines for me.

  3. Ahhh it triggers a histamine release for you. Similar to what pollen or dust does for many people. If you find yourself wanting to try red wine again down the road you can take an otc antihistamine 30min before imbibing and you should do fine. Something like Zyrtec, benadryl or Allegra should do the trick!

  4. Red wine was the first known trigger for me, high wheat beers were the second. Red wine is a standard headache trigger for a lot of people though. The sulphites and tannins cause headaches.

  5. This is a huge trigger for me, so you’re not alone. There are drops I buy that take out that sulphites/tannins, which greatly helps with migraine reduction.

  6. White wine hits me worse but red wine will also do it. Basically any alcohol :/ Though I have better luck drinking whiskey, which works for me because I prefer it to wine.

  7. Ah how I miss my young and wild days of drinking red wine with impunity! That hasn't happened since, oh, 1998. I'm right there with you!

  8. I love red wine and tried to willfully ignore that it seemed to be a trigger. Finally had to give it up, and all that did was make me realize that white wine was a trigger too. 😂

  9. Yes, and it stinks! I can still get by with white wine most of the time. As long as I have controlled my other triggerers, slept enough, allergies ok, stress manageable.

  10. Opposite for me it seems! I can have red, but not white. Champagne and tequila are the worst; Just a few sips and they’ll bring on cranial devastation within 15 minutes. Gave them a generous 3 strikes and they were out for good. 💀

  11. Wow. Thanks for all the responses. I seriously did not want to believe wine would cause migraines but I am now convinced it is one more trigger I am going to have to avoid. (I cant believe someone actually accused me of trolling, but I suppose that's the nature of the internet)

  12. Me too. I can get away with cooking/baking with various alcohols, but not even that with red wine.

  13. One sip of red wine and it's like, instantaneous. Some white wines too. Drinking in general is risky for me, but usually one beer or liquor drink is fine if I go slow.

  14. Wine Wands really help me. I only have a single glass now and then, but these work for me and many others.

  15. There are a couple reasons the red wine may be a trigger. Unfortunately you'll need to experiment a tad in order to figure out what it is and what the solution is BUT you can likely still enjoy your red!!!

  16. I am also triggered by tea. Someone explained it is similar to red wine, which I don't understand (and I am not a huge tea fan). But be careful of brewed tea - hot or iced - as well.

  17. I can't do black tea or green tea without getting one (although thankfully they are usually mild). Which sucks if you love sweet tea

  18. It is most definitely one of my worst triggers! Other alcohols can be hit or miss for me, but red wine and tequila are always big nopes!

  19. 100% and for many a year, I will run away from wine in general and red wine in particular. Some of the most violent and unforgiving migraines have hit me after half a glass of red wine, so it’s out. Most alcohol is a no at this point in life but it’s not the worst thing to have to avoid, lol.

  20. It's weird, and I know it's a quality thing, but I get migraines with cheap red wine. $80/bottle? I'm great. $20/bottle? Shoot me.

  21. Red wine is a newer trigger for me, and it seems to be directly related to the sulphites in my case. A glass of legitimate Italian red wine (when I’m lucky enough to have one that’s been imported) is the only kind I can drink! The lack of sulphites makes a world of difference. Best of luck adapting now that you know!

  22. Oh yeah. It’s a super common migraine trigger. I remember the first time I ever had a glass of red wine. The migraine it gave me was fucking awful. I mean, all migraines are awful, but you know lol. I should’ve known, though, because it gives my mom migraines too. Most other alcohol is fine. It’s just the red (afaik) that triggers them.

  23. Before I got sober, red wine would give me some of the worst migraines I experienced. Didn’t help that I liked the driest red wines.

  24. Alcohol is one thing I was told that reduces magnesium in the body and can cause migraines. I’ve been taking magnesium and it seems to help with my attacks.

  25. Beer - which I love - as well as wine, have always been somewhat of triggers for me, which I think I’ve always been in a bit of denial about. But as I’ve been drinking less because of some other health stuff suddenly now ANY booze seems to set off a horrible headache. I’m talking a single drink of any type of booze at all and I’m a goner for a day+. This has honestly been a real bummer of a development. I’m not a huge drinker but now if I want to even have a beer at the end of a hard week I just can’t, and losing that entirely because straying has these severe consequences has been pretty sad. Ugh.

  26. So tomatoes cause migraines ? I know they contain msg but it's natural msg not chemical processed MSG like in fast food etc

  27. I’m this very weird outlier in that alcohol helps me manage severe migraines. It pushes the pain to the back of my head. I had a couple drinks last night before bed after dealing with a 3 day migraine and when I woke up this morning, it was gone. Alcohol doesn’t get rid of a headache all the time, but the reduction in pain in the evening after a drink is wonderful.

  28. I thought that wine was becoming a trigger for me when my migraines started to increase recently. I tried the drops and thought they might be helping until my doctor added a new medication to my regime. Nortriptyline not only has greatly reduced my headaches but helps me sleep more soundly. It's an antidepressant and also prescribed for migraine prevention.

  29. I haven't had red wine in a decade or more. I risked a glass in Paris like 8 years ago, instant migraine. Never again.

  30. Any kind of wine is terrible for me! The only alcohol I’ve been able to tolerate without a migraine is hard seltzer (like white claws). My guess is because of the low alcohol content but maybe because they also feel kind of hydrating and not super sweet or anything?

  31. Yep, me too. Even a sip. I used to be able to take a Zantac to have red wine without pain, but I can’t do that anymore since it was pulled from the market.

  32. Yup, almost all alcohol immediately triggers a migraine from me, particularly beer, wine and similar drinks, it seems the hard liquor like bourbon/whiskey are the only exceptions, but that’s also probably because they’ve got cola mixed in with caffeine which helps ease a migraine

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